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Why I'm a crazy cleanser, and day 1

Date:   11/9/2006 9:06:36 PM ( 16 y ago)

Allright... here we go again with the blog. I'm actually on day 3, but i'm still going to write about my experiences with days 1-2 first, because i found that other's blogs have helped me OH SO MUCH! Seriously, knowing that other people are going through the exact same stuff is comforting... even though we're complete strangers.

Anyyyway, the reasons I'm doing this crazy cleanse are:
-I've been feeling very tired lately, but having trouble sleeping at night, and then having trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
-I haven't been feeling healthy in general
-Trying to kickstart healthier eating habits (I tend to eat because I'm bored and eat bad things!)
-Lose weight
-uhh... duh... get rid of toxins!

So, day 1 (tuesday). Day one wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated--except for that nasty saltwater. But, I have class from 9-6 and I generally don't eat anything because I forget to bring food from home and I don't want to spend the money to buy food on campus. sometimes I'll have a granola bar. But today was not bad, especially since when I did get home around 6:45 I only had time to change before I left for a concert (don't get too excited, just a french chamber orchestra for my music class, although it was awesome!) Then I got home and was EXHAUSTED! I'm not sure if that was because I'd been going since 6 that morning, or if it was because of the cleanse. Okay, day 1 stats:

Lemonade: about 6 cups
Salt Water: check
BMs: 1... it was kind of explosive, though, which is really gross, but i suppose a good thing


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