My Current Protocol by Fenix .....

The current protocol that I have formulated based on the best of the worlds I believe in.

Date:   11/9/2006 6:34:22 PM ( 16 y ago)

Vegan, Mostly Raw

~ 80% raw / 20% lightly cooked

2-3 Large Green Salads per day

                Organics are not required, but where available are the best option

                Focusing on All members of the Mustard Family

                        Cabbage, Mustard, Kale, Collards, Kohlrabi etc.

Anything green is preferred as it has high nutritive value per pound

Almost all green veggies are alkaline.

               No Onions or related Lily Family products

                        Garlic, Asparagus, I have omitted any lily.

No Preservatives, Additives, Colorings, Chemicals etc.

Legume Wise for Protein: Dark Kidney beans and Lentils

High quality Whey Protein that is not mixed with nasty additives (Jay Robb)

8+ Glasses of pure distilled water per day

Note: The only required thing is the vegetables, I am a big person so after some time I was losing weight and I wanted more protein in my diet so I added the whey. The beans were allowed from inception.



Most are taken at bed time to allow for maximum absorption before next treatment.

2X 600mg N-Aceytl Cysteine (NAC, contains 25mcg Se per pill)
3X 123mg Iron Gluconate
1X Half a Multivitamin (12mcg Se)
1X High Quality Omega 3-6-9 Fish Oil (Dosage of ~550mg-~300mg-~400mg)
1X 1000mg Vitamin C tablet (Can be mixed with other trace elements)
1X 500mg Magnesium Orotate (~30mg elemental magnesium)
2X 200mcg Selenium Selenite
4X 100mg 5HTP

There are some studies that I have read that indicate that Selenium, Cysteine (NAC), Typtophan and Glutathione deficiency is a major path to AIDS and is possibly a major factor in its progression.

Both my Multivitamin and NAC have 35% daily value of Mb (molybendium) and Se (selenium) in them. I am going to get a suppliment to put myself up to 200-300% of daily value as there is evidence that HIV infected individuals have a hard time with absorbtion.

Optimized levels of serium Selenium content can likely be obtained with between 400-600micrograms daily. While normal dosages for non infected individuals are ~150mcg / day as the 100% daily value referance.

NAC is to stabilize and restore lowered glutathione levels, it works better than taking glutatione itself. It also adds to the cysteine content required to stablize blood levels. as well as help with heavy metal detoxification.

Iron is for the ozone. It is taken 1 hour before each IV treatment on empty stomach and once at bedtime. The saturation level in your blood is higher with an elevated iron content in the haem. IF you start peeing orange lower the dose. That means its leeching into the urine because it is being unused by your body.

The multivitamin is for general vitamin uptake. Your metabolism while using ozone is much higher and some cell destruction is taking place every time it is in your blood. Thus what is destroyed must be rebuilt with the most quality of ingredients. I halved the vitamin with the addition of the Beck Protocol. The reasoning being that there is still some accessible to my body but it gets used up before I electrify and that which remains is very low in quantity. Your urine should not be bright yellow.

The Omega oil is also for rebuilding of the body due to destruction by ozone. EFA’s are … well essential, especially if you are rebuilding a lot of cell membranes etc. It also helps with brain function (important!) and depression.

Magnesium Orotate contributes to blood vessel elasticity as well as general blood health. It also has quite energetic and is a mood enhancer.


2X 200cc 40-50ug/ml Ozone IV
            @ 2-4cc/min flow rate for peripheral veins
            @ 3-8cc/min flow rate for those with catheters like me. Its usually around 6.
1X 500cc 61ug/ml Ozonated water enema
1X 300-500cc Rectal Ozone Insuffilation
2-4X Glasses of 61ug/ml Ozonated water
Occasional Ear insuffilation

Oil Pulling:

1tb sunflower/sesame oil pulled between teeth for 15-20 mins to ehance elimination of microorganisms and toxins. Look this up. It's easy and what harm could it do?

Beck Protocol:

2+ Hours of Blood Electrification
20mins of 70w Mag Pulsar at ~15 flashes per second
3-4X Glasses of 5-10ppm Colloidal Silver water



5 Minutes of Mental Preparation upon waking up

            “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.”

Visualization during IV treatment to direct energy

Typically masses of blue energy balls striking through larger yellow virus capsules and watching the explosion of the virus. Over and over and over. This wave of blue energy moves through my body from the injection site (just above my heart valves) through my entire circulatory system. Once it has moved through me I hold the image for a while. A typical session of IV takes me between 30-50 minutes.  

I also like to play computer games and often envision myself engaged in a one sided battle. Lifeless piles of viroids laying about my feet as I rage on through my blood vessels.

15 minutes of meditation daily.

Note: Not much to say about this. You must assure yourself constantly that you are getting better. This belief will come true if you dwell upon it being a reality.


“That which the mind dwells upon shall become.”

I am healing.


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