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Short Update

Date:   11/13/2006 5:48:17 AM ( 16 y ago)

Today was my day off of treatment. Kind of nice not to have to do an enema and pump ozone in all ends. Lol. I haven't been as good with eatting as I would like. To much cooked food. Mostly due to time constraints I havent been able to shop. Mid-Terms are this week for 2 classes, yay, not, just kidding I will own you O-chem and Physics. O-Chem and Physics the joy the joy. Racemic mixtures, voltage potential, enantiomers and diasteriomers abound. Enough of that.

I should be getting my results from my VL, T-Cells, Bloodpanel within the next 2 or 3 days. I will update when I get them. I know they will be good, last time was disappointing however I know this time will be much better. I am running low on some supplies and haven't had time to get them. Going to have to work on that this week.

I also am going to start being VERY strict with sleeping schedule as I have been not sleeping well or regularly for a lot of reasons.

I also have decided that I must make a commitment to the light in order to be engulfed in it. One cannot be something he is the opposite of. This will not be hard for me as I am truely commited to my goal now. I will end this here.

I have been thinking about my best friend who died of cancer a year and a half ago. He got an infection in the hospital while he was recovering. He had beaten the cancer. I miss him so much. Please help me along my path Kogo.

A here is a good song I heard the other day. Eliane Elias - Running . I agree, where I am from, we carry on too.


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