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Tips for Blessed Herbs Cleanse

Date:   11/19/2006 7:56:36 AM ( 15 y ago)

Even though I am still in the process of the cleanse, I thought I would post some tips because this by far has been a hugely successful flush.

1. Take hot baths not just for relaxation but you'll find the heat stimulates the BMs and you feel great! I started taking them for distraction and relaxation but soon realized how valuable they are!

2. When using the bathroom use a small step stool to put your feet on while sitting on the toilet. I know it sounds weird but it really makes a difference. Anyone who's been constipated probably knows what I'm talking about. Just try it. Anytime you need to use the bathroom for a BM, sit on the toilet and then put your feet up on something about a foot tall. It's kind of like squatting.

3. Don't get discouraged if you cheat a little. After all, the cleanse can be done with or without the liquids fast. The closer you stay to the liquids fast the better.

More later....


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