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Plans for the future and update

Date:   11/21/2006 11:58:37 AM ( 15 y ago)

Yesterday was day 5. I didn't get to post because I was on the road all day traveling for the holidays. Anyway here's the update.

As I said I was driving all day and boy was it interesting. I had to stop 3-4 different times just to use the bathroom! I had at least 3 large BM's. They were so big that in the morning when I woke up my stomach actually hurt a little and I felt ill in general. I wasn't sure why but boy did I find out. I think it was the combination of having alot of toxins and sitting for so long. Because sitting for a long time can really stimulate BM's for me. I must of passed 6 feet yesterday alone which is really amazing!

My acne is so much better and I look forward to see if it continues to fade away in the coming days. I don't have any new acne and the redness is much lessened. In general, I feel much better.

I think I should wait a few days to really analyze any changes so the blog's not over yet!!

Til next time...

P.S. I ended up not doing the liver flush so I hope to do it this week sometime.. We'll see. I ended up incorporating some food back into my diet yesterday evening because I wanted to save some of the toxin absorber for after my liver flush to do a kind of 2nd mini colon cleanse maybe for day. So I have about 5-6 packages left, I'll get back to you on how that goes when I do the liver flush:)

P.S.S. I ended up not taking any Digestive Stimulator last night and was a little nervous about this morning's bathroom break:) but no fears i had NO Constipation!! Yay!


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