Early AM Day 2 - NEED ADVICE!!! by bluenile .....

I need advice on the Salt Water Flush... 8 oz did nada!

Date:   11/19/2006 4:19:48 AM ( 16 y ago)

I've posted a few questions in the forum around the Salt Water Flush b/c I really don't know if I can do it!

Last night after my Chocolate Smoothe Move tea, i decided to have a go at the SWF.
After 8 oz and a lime chaser (pressing lips against a lime), I was like "F this" and figured 8 oz is better than nothing. Went to bed expecting something like a mini Mt. St. Helens explosion to happen based upon what I've read about the flush.... Fast forward 5 hours and NOTHING!!! Nada!!!

So I am up at 4:45 AM and about to give it another shot and b/f I torture self with it again (because now I'm worried I'll just be bloated from salt and constipated) I'd see if anyone could advise.

Can't I just take a few laxatives?????

Okay, back to bed for a bit... then the smoothe move tea! yummy!


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