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My first 5 days of my fast and why I am doing this...

Date:   4/3/2007 8:06:49 AM ( 15 y ago)

So here is the deal, I am 25 years old and when I started this fast over weight by 70lbs at least. I have two children and put on the weight while being pregnant and while caring for the kids post pregnancy. Husband was in Iraq so I was on the "deployment menu" which meant alot fast food, including alot of prepared frozen food. I hate that type of food not sure what made me go for it, I guess easier then cooking. I look back and I use to be so active if some of my old friends could see me now they would not believe it was me, living this way. So I am changing it!! One of my close friends(Hi Lanessa) went on a juice fast and did awesome, not sure of her exact numbers but that is not what I am concerned with it jumpstarted her wanting to living healthier. That is what I want overall, but right now my focus is on losing weight. I want to cleanse all the bad stuff from my body that I have been eating for so long and start fresh eating right and exercising. So come on this journey with me how long will I make it? I want to go plus 20 days but am taking it one milestone at a time.. the first was 5 days(i am there), next will be 10 days, and then 15, and 20, I would like to go to 30 but we will see do not want to set myself up for failure.

What has happened so far? The first day was way to easy, felt really good and was really motivated!! I juiced and even went to a scrapbook party with tons of junk food and some homemade salsa(my absolute favorite junk food) and I turned it down without thinking twice. I was thinking this is way to easy. Then came day two.. I felt pretty good but started feeling really spaced out, like I could not concentrate did alot of day dreaming type stuff. The juicing went well, do not think I am getting enough need to increase the juicing. Starting to detox? Now day three sucked big time, I felt weak and sluggish, and I had a horrible headache and was just feeling bad. I attended a birthday party where pizza and cake was served, I was not even tempted. Still not juicing enough. Day four, I did not sleep well at all, had horrible head ache all night. Just wishing it would go away, half way through the day it slow diminished and then feeling pretty good. I had a busy day and did not even think about eating, my son is home from school this week so fixing him alot of food during the day and usually I fix him cereal I take a bite, I fix him ice cream I take a bite so that is a challenge it is almost automatic to put the food in my mouth and I did put it in once I was talking on the phone and the second I realized what I had done I ran to the trash and spit it out.. but the hunger pains have not been to much.. I know there is alot more to come but glad the first 4 days are over..


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