Day 5 is gone!! by bskbmom .....

my fifth day and all that junk

Date:   4/3/2007 9:49:01 PM ( 15 y ago)

Today I just drank alot of lemon water, which was actually really refreshing. I did not juice today I just enjoyed alot of water I wanted to rehydrate and start again tomorrow. Today has been fairly easy, i had a slight headache nothing major but I am feeling really tired but that has nothing to do with fasting, my 6 month old daughter got shots yesterday afternoon and decided she did not feel like sleeping much last night.. she has cried more in the last 24 hours then I think she has cried in her entire life. Back to the fasting thing.. I am looking forward to tomorrow and a big glass of juice in the AM before heading to MOPS.. there is always alot of good food there and it is going to be hard to pass up but I ready for the challenge.... gonna take a bath and head to bed...


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