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day 12

Date:   4/23/2007 8:02:15 PM ( 15 y ago)

oh my god! i made it through my birthday weekend! we had company this weekend too and my friend made a jello cake for her boyfriends birthday and it is still in the fridge...she made it all day long on saturday and boy could i smell it! my friends came to the party and actually helped me cause they knew what i was trying to do! it was awesome so now i am on day 13! who would have thought? i feel so good getting this far since this weekend was the ultimate challenge...i really got hungry today though..and that hasn't happened for a couple of days but then it passed and i am good! i have had less of an appetite for juice and have to make myself drink it...i also threw up today for the first time and was wondering if that was normal...i used a tomato and i have not been juicing those so could this be the problem? i just drank some apple, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry juice and feel great now..i have been drinking alot of veggie juice up to this point and now i find myself wanting fruit juice...especially since i threw up the veggie juice today..if anyone has a comment about why, i would be really open to hearing about it..i feel great now, but that was interesting since the longest i have gone is 10 days and on day 14 i threw up...i don't think this was a sign to stop as i feel great and i just think since i added a new thing (tomato) after 2 weeks that it made me sick! hope everyone is having a great day and i shall persevere! juice on, juicers!


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