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my day 17

Date:   4/26/2007 10:54:52 AM ( 15 y ago)

Hello! just wanted to say i made my first big mini goal of 15 days and i feel great! fasting is pretty easy for me so far and i have dropped 13lbs (maybe more..haven't weighed every day) and i have about 10 more to go, even though this is not my main incentive for fasting because i fast at least twice a year but i happened to need to lose about 20lbs of "baby weight" (my "baby" is 2!) and this has proven very effective...i am also looking forward to my raw diet especially since my best friend has met a man who does all this stuff that i do and have been telling her about for years! i am so excited that she is going raw (at least a while) and will be able to see how much better she feels and more energy..i just think it will make her very happy and that her boyfriend is such good support! anyway just wanted to give an update...still on track and feeling good! later, taters


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