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planning ahead for my 10, 12 or 30 day fast

Date:   4/17/2007 10:53:50 AM ( 15 y ago)

feeling sleepy but then it is still day one. I was eating sugar and white flour right up to when i went to bed last night. Im not missing food. I can't wait to lose weight.
Day one is going really well. Id like to do a 30 day fast but I have a fitness test for my career coming up. this would effectively be on day 12 of my fast. i will need to have a big plate of veggies on this day becasue im going to need energy. i think i should break it on the eve of day 12 in order to ensure i am okay for my fitness day.
what do others think, any suggestions?
thanks all. heres to the next 9 days of my 10 day starter fast.


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