is fasting boring? by findingmyselfapril2007 .....

i obviously use food as a crutch for boredom and stress.. where do you go without it!

Date:   4/18/2007 8:00:36 AM ( 15 y ago)

.. its difficult to say. i am only on day 2. but i feel that i keep wanting to reach out for food. im not hungry at all which is a blessing. indeed i had some juice today. annoyingly its bottles because my juicer broke! but ill buy a new one soon and begin to use that for fresh juices. But work is not going really well at the moment, and for that reason i keep wanting to turn to food. i also find it hard when i cant make dinner for my family and enjoy it with them.

but the joy of knowing that I am feeling better, losing weight and reaping what i sow eventually will have me continue with this for 8 more days.

Incidentally Im really spotty, my skin is definitely cleansing. I have a dull headache but otherwise feel fine. i intend to have a nice long walk later.


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