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day three, lost a pound and dont have much energy. Going to introduce exercise today.

Date:   4/19/2007 4:54:07 AM ( 15 y ago)

Good Morning!

I didnt have quite such an early night last night, I think that the bottles prune juice must have given me more energy. I cant wait to get down to real juicing. Although I did freshly squeeze and orange and I will do the same for lunch today. I was asleep by around 11.30 i guess. I had trouble dropping off but boy once i was asleep i was in deeep sleep until 8am. I love this cleansing sleep, it's like no other. I dreamed of Damon Albarn, that he was playing blur songs for just 7 or so of us in a room! It was delightful! Then I was trying on dresses and they wouldn't fit.. I think I was rather busting out. Awoke, felt okay. I have detox breath and my tongue is definitely detoxing .. its white all over, i know! YUK!

Had some psyllium (really feel that i need an enema though, might find out if i can purchase..) and some prune juice. I must have a stomach of STEEL becasue i still am not having BM and i feel that i want to really, its annoying. Maybe down to the severe lack of fibre before I started the fast.

So day three. People tell me it can be the worst day. I certainly feel weaker already than I have as yet and its only 10.48 AM. nightmare! Well i will ride it out, day four i should have more energy right? I want to do some light exercise today. Weighed self again, have lost another pound. Yes I know, not much, but then Im not doing much exercise. And after feeling fat for so long, losing a pound is damn better than gaining a pound thats for sure! Going to keep going until day ten. I promise you... I wont let you down! (probably talking to myself there!)

The weirdest thing is that I actually dont trust myself. Because I know as soon as my mind focuses on bread and chocolate - i can think of nothing else until im sitting there stuffing my face. Well not this time. I will be in charge! I am in charge.

I love fasting



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