still day four by findingmyselfapril2007 .....

worried that i might not manage through due to lack of colon cleansing

Date:   4/20/2007 10:04:51 AM ( 15 y ago)

as you can see from day three on its not been a good experience for me. i think next time i will ensure i have access to either a enema kit or colonic hydrotherapy. You cant buy the first one anywhere in the uk for love or money and the second is waaaay too pricey. im not made of bloody money!
so the toxins have nowhere to go :(
and i am feeling the effects. Lax stuff worked a bit, hence all the cramps which lasted for about 4 hours and i felt like i was giving birth. so some very minor relief there.
i dont know if im going to be able to manage 10 days without access to colon cleanse. and im not sure if its wise. any advise?
i am a bit hungry too. it would be a shame to quite so soon, ill definitely see through tomorrow and see how i feel. it would be silly to give up on day four.
not in high spirits this afternoon.


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