First day! Just waking up.... by skrumptious .....

DAy one, here we go!

Date:   4/28/2007 9:44:43 AM ( 15 y ago)

WEll, i'm drinking my first of five shakes of the day!
I must admit (note to self...) i regret doing the enema so late last night! I had a serious caffeine buzz and jitters and it was hard to fall asleep, and once i did fall asleep, it wasn't a deep sleep. Alas, I shall do my coffee enemas earlier in the day from now on i believe. Or make a less intense pot, i think i may have made it too strong as well.

So yeah, shakes are going down really easy. I get a fabulous local organic apple juice at the farmers market and it just outshines anything i've ever had. I had to buy some other organic one at the store, and it tasted like a very watered down version of this great one. I think that makes a big difference in helping gulp down the same shake for 5 days. The shake is pretty much your basic P&B,(psyllium and bentonite powders), with the addition of apple pectin. Oh, and some ginger powder is in there too. Which i like, mixed with the apple its kinda like mulled cider. I guess they also offer mint, but that sounds kinda nasty to me.

WEll, i have a 9 hour workday ahead of me, and i've got all my apple juice and packets and shake jar all ready to go... ugh, and i started my period after all this morning too. shouldn't really make a difference, but whatever.... Maybe this will help lessen cramps/bloating since i'm not taking any food.

Have a great weekend all! Keep going on those cleanses, your body is thanking you!!!


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