Day 6 by chopsticks .....

A good and a bad day in one!

Date:   5/29/2007 9:47:12 AM ( 14 y ago)


Well today has been a great and not so great day at the same time! I'm soo excited right now because I'm hopeful for a job application I've sent for work at home, fingers crossed! Don't want to over hope but would definitely like this job!

As for the fasting the early part of today was a nightmare! I had no fruit so was having some of last night's vegetable juice which was nice, but i think i NEED fruit in the afternoon because i felt hungry most of the afternoon. Which is strange because so many of you say vegetable juice works better for you than fruit juice. Well not for me!lol! So i got to the supermrket and had some lovely pineapple juice this evening and now i have energy back, yey! This could also be due to my job excitement, however I'm gonna credit the pineapple!

I was so hungry earlier i could've just eaten the savoury pancake my boyfriend had, but i didn't, go me! And i must stop making the excuses others have mentioned, rationalising to yourself how it would be ok to stop for this reason or that reason,i should say "stay with it chopsticks, you want to see the end!" :)

Thanks for the supportive messages, they are helping my will power!



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