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Half way there....

Date:   5/28/2007 3:29:05 PM ( 16 y ago)

It's very exciting to make it to the half way mark. My tonsils have all cleared up and my lower back no longer aches. The healing crisis is over! Yesterday's weigh in reflected another 1/2 lb weight loss. However, the half lb came back on the scale this morning! No worries. Last weekend I lost and gained the same lb for almost three days. I think it's the extra physical activity on the weekends. Or possibly my body just gets stubborn and tries to hang on to some abstact number. I want to tell my body..Not to worry. There's plenty of fat. We're a long way from starving here! ;)

Yesterday everyone was firing up the BBQ including my boyfriend who cooked hot dogs! I love grilled hotdogs. I even made guacamole for him to dip his chips in. I was so proud of myself. I am trying not to complain to anyone on this fast because I want encourgaement and not long worried faces. I want everyone to see how good I feel doing this. However, with my whole house and seemingly the entire neighborhood filled with delicious BBQ smells I did have a hard time last night not saying, "I'M HUNGRY!" Ha....But each time I get through a night like that I feel good in the morning. I haven't exercised control like this in a long time and it's so good for the self esteem.

1/2 way through Day 15....What an accomplishment.

May 14th SW 180
May 28th CW 166
-14 lbs


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