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Up & Down and Round & Round

Date:   6/1/2007 12:05:56 AM ( 16 y ago)

Well, I'm glad this day is wrapping up. Although, it hasn't been a Bad day. I decided to do a one day water fast because my weight went back up a pound again. I know it's silly but for some reason it has me down. My emotions have been a little wacky lately (my moods along with the scale have been up & down). I want to see this "6" number fade out within a week and maybe that's not realistic. However, when I checked out ausjulie's blog I saw that she was stuck around the same time frame as myself and she did a one day water fast to break through. So...we'll see. It's just so boring. Bet my juice will taste so sweet tomorrow!

On a positive note - even though the scale is messing with my head (stupid machine) I fit comfortably (underline that word) into my size 12 jeans and wore them all day today. A few days ago I squeezed into them, went to the store and took them off as soon as I got home. I could barely breathe!! I'm still shocked that I gained this much so quickly and maybe that's my hurry to take it off.

My thoughts are with everyone who is struggling tonight. Tomorrow is almost here. A new day sounds really good right now. :)

May 14th SW 180
May 31st CW 165.5
-14.5 lbs


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