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Replanting Angelica Seeds. Will they grow. Energy to be cleaned up. Do I want to take that on now, or after I come back from World Environment Day?

Date:   5/27/2007 10:57:15 AM ( 15 y ago)

8:52 AM
May 27, 07

Found my Angelica seeds on the ground
one day after the cleanup of the refrigerator.
They are intended to be refrigerated.

I asked for one of the outdoor refrigerators to be
consolidated to cut back on electricity that is
way over budget.

A is doing the job.
We have an energy breakdown most times we talk.

I cannot afford the expense of this energy breakdown.

I am four days away from an very important event,
participating in World Environment Day in Tecate.

Lots of emotions that last two days.
I cannot afford to be distracted.

I need to manage my feelings.

Want to get to FM this morning,
and make signs in Spanish.

printing up new sign for seeds
and putting them in new consolidated Refrigator.

I will speak to Scott about his use of the Consolidated
Refrigerator. Their is a crock pot taking up space.

8:56 AM
I did not do Agnihotra yet.


Angelica Seeds
By leslie Goldman
June 19, 1999

checking viability over time...
Keep Refrigerated

Thank you!

Planted some
May 27, 07

Will they grow?



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