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Why does growth have to be so darn difficult? Part of me wants the status quo because it's easier but the other part wants to challenge and change my self-limiting beliefs.

Date:   7/11/2007 4:44:45 PM ( 14 y ago)

I have been lamenting for so long how no one takes me seriously. Who am I kidding? This is a reflection of how I have been feeling about myself so of course, who else could I possibly attract into my life but those kind of people? Duh!!!

I can't run and I can't hide anymore. Wah!

I grew up with severe criticism. I could never do anything right or get anything right. But maybe I chose my birth family to learn that ultimately the only opinion about me that really counts is my own. I am learning, albeit slowly, that I need to be my own best friend and supporter and can't look for this kind of validation outside of myself (not if I ever hope to live a happy, fulfilling life). This is an excruciatingly painful lesson. I am loathe to take responsibility for the color of my life - it is so much easier to blame this person or that circumstance when things aren't right. It's an automatic knee-jerk reaction for me to lash out at someone who has hurt my feelings because then I don't need to examine what they are reflecting back to me.

Relationships are the best mirrors, aren't they? Case in point - my husband never bothers to think before he speaks. He just blurts out whatever comes into his head. I always think twice before I speak - not necessarily a good thing either. Today, he was telling my sister about the gentleman he and I went to see yesterday. It was a business call to demonstrate a health product. We wound up spending over an hour talking with him about all kinds of health-related topics. He was a powerhouse of knowledge. My husband was telling my sister about how knowledgeable he was and how he knew way more about health than I did.

The good news is that I became very reactive, ie. insulted and pissed off, but at least I expressed my feelings immediately instead of stewing about it in silence like I used to. The even better news is that I realized on the spot that my reaction was a direct reflection of my feelings of inadequacy begging to be resolved, once and for all.

I had all kinds of learning difficulties growing up which led to my parents having very low expectations of me, academically and otherwise. I was mercilessly compared to my brainy brother. Unfortunately, I adopted these low expectations for myself (again, that was a choice I made at some level). The issue here is not whether or not the man knew more about health than I did. My husband was judging me and as always, I felt criticized, inadequate and became quite defensive. Throughout my 25 year marriage, I have been the one encouraging and supporting him which I feel played a huge role in his business success. On the other hand, he was always quick to find fault with me, never feeling a need to praise me when I succeeded at anything. This has always taken the wind out of my sails and I have allowed myself to feel defeated before I even start anything new. No wonder my kids asked me why I always act so helpless!

I have been a stay-at-home Mom for 20+ years. The kids are more or less grown up now, the youngest soon to turn 17. I have been in a huge crisis because my whole identity was tied up in the 'mother' role. Now what? I have been hiding myself, buried under crippling feelings of inadequacy, shame and self-consciousness.

The Universe has plans for me and I will either resist, suffer and continue to live my life in quiet desperation or follow where I am clearly being led to go, scary as that might be. I have run out of excuses. Now that I am finally starting to recognize that I really do have gifts and talents that I am being asked to share with the world, what am I supposed to do with those people around me who I have trained to treat me in a way that no longer serves me? I guess I will have to retrain them, that's all.

Onward and upward...


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