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surrender to the wolf? Or to the self? If you have a mentor who continually chides you on resistance understand that you are telling you that you do not want or are not ready to surrender to that person- and it's fine- do not be pressured, true love bears no pressure

Date:   6/7/2007 4:40:40 PM ( 16 y ago)

Dear God,

Some life experiences really stretch me,
showing me places within myself that are in need of healing.
There are times where I cannot see that I am holding onto the past,
until I have started to let go.
Thank You for being patient with me.
Teach me how to be gentle with myself.
I realize that at times, I am fighting my own good,
clutching the very attitudes and thought patterns that keep me tied to the past.
Show me how to live by my own advice.
I surrender my willfulness to You.
I release my fear of the unknown.
Thank You!


But only release what is you when you are ready do not let another's agenda becomes yours
whether or not the behavior or fear in question is serving you anymore
If they care they will wait for you and not mix within your network as they tried to do with you


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