TUDE' DUDE Screwed and Tattooed by banooado .....

He actually lo v v v es to tease me and with him because I know he loves me and has seen me in all shapes and forms somehow I find it hilarious

Date:   6/9/2007 11:05:53 PM ( 16 y ago)

san diego (ap)................................. a high ranking navy
speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed the retention of j
'tude' as human resources czar for the 32nd street naval
'tude', as she is affectionately known by friends and foes alike, will
assume the reins of guiding young sailors in securing current, past and
imaginary benefits. her legendary skills in exposing waste and
corruption as
well as indiscriminate chop busting are well documented.

'tude, who has previously championed such causes as reincarnation,
chyropractic ethics and parent-child divorce expressed optimism for her
assignment. "funnily enough, i like (young) sailors." TUDE is expected to
in the position until someone pisses her off.


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