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Life and it's Kundalini Awakening

Date:   6/24/2007 1:03:41 PM ( 14 y ago)

Dancing with the Sun

As the glowing sun beams down on all today,
Reminding us of so many things.
Of Joyous rainbow memories that never fades
Moments of peace and love that sings.

The gathering of energies that bring light
the sparkling shimmering rainbow does bring
New prismatic energies that touches my soul
Elevating, electrifying, Universal Light.

From my sunporch this is my favorite time . . .
As the sun sets it dances in the sky,
Sun gazing at sundown does radiate rings
Rings of irisdescence in all directions
Amazingly it's shape changes

The rays extend now right into my aura
Yet closer and closer the rays extend
Within, around and through all of me
Lighting me up in pure ecstasy.

I shut my eyes for I'm not sure of what I see
Can that truly be the sun in the shape of a heart
Radiating thru the trees right into me
I feel so transformed I close my eyes

I hear sounds, a drum beat, a flute
My Kundalini vibrating
This continues until the sun goes down
I am in total peace,
Total surrender to the Source of All

What a beautiful gift from the Universe
Precious, precious vibrating Sun
My heart dances in absolute Joy
I start sending to ALL
This Sacred Universal Light.

In deep gratitude,
Shirley Irene Ponto


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