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Details of the Egg yolk/Lime/Oil flush originally posted by 'tseti'

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Egg yolk/Lime/Oil - The ELO Protocol

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Items required for the protocol

20 organic limes, but even the non-organic ones work perfectly.
1 large carton of organic, omega-3 eggs, free-range preferably.
1 bottle of organic sunflower oil (or peanut oil) - cold pressed.

The protocol

Eggs have a variable reputation in different countries. The poultry industry is driven by money rather that quality and because of this eggs can be contaminated with bacteria, especially salmonella. So if there are any doubts about the supply then donít flush until you can get the correct eggs.

All the ingredients need to be at room temperature so a couple of hours before you flush take two eggs from the carton if it is in the fridge and leave them to warm up.

It is recommended to do the flush in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, or in the evening, at least 4 hours after your have eaten.† It is important to have an empty stomach when you take the potion so the longer you can leave it after eating the better.

1. Take 3 limes and roll them with your palm on your kitchen counter Ė with some force, so as to soften them. Squeeze the juice into a porcelain or glass cup.

2. Take 2 eggs, you only need the yolks so you need to separate the white and discard it. Crack them over the sink and empty the contents into the palm of your hand, opening up your fingers very slightly, so as to let the egg-white fall out into the sink, leaving only the yolk in your hand. Or use an egg separator which is available at hardware stores. Place the 2 yolks in the cup of lime juice.

3. Gently beat the mixture only a couple of stirs just enough to combine the juice and yolks. Do not use a metallic utensil because the action of the acid form the lime will cause contamination of the potion.

4. Pour one table spoon of sunflower or peanut oil into the mix. Again do not contaminate the potion by using a metal spoon. Note: Other oils will work just as well.

5. Mix the potion a couple of more times very gently.

Sip and enjoy the potion. You may feel the urge to sleep almost immediately after that, so you may want to drink this potion just before bedtime, instead of in the morning.

If you want to; sometime after taking the potion, either the next morning after an evening flush or early evening following a morning flush you may benefit from an enema using warm water. The enema consists of two consecutive plain warm water applications.

The procedure is repeated each day for a week. Please read carefully the information available about enemas.

The flushing appears to be beneficial as a tonic and has a good visual effect on the eyes and skin and well as providing a feeling of wellbeing. However, one view point is that it lacks the power of other liver flush protocols and is not recommended for the removal of gallstones and biliary stasis.

What have people said about the flush?

This is a selection of personal opinions from users of the protocol.

After the second day I got liver pain which took a couple of days to fully go away. I had to take Epsom salts to help and my stools were very pale. Note this was probably caused by a semi-expelled stone making its way out of the bile duct.

The egg/lime flush is quite nice for maintenance purposes after having cleaned the liver. The detox effect is strong and it shows up by a pronounced fatigue two or three hours after having taken the concoction. This lime yolk flush however cannot replace the conventional flush. It is imperative to use very fresh and organic eggs otherwise there is a danger of ingesting bacteria in the eggs.

I see it as a lower level maintenance flush with very good nutritional benefits (raw eggs are fantastic - especially the yoke). I think it will certainly have its place in my protocol because Iíve noticed it working. The physical feeling of the liver and gallbladder gurgling after consumption, my eyes are much whiter and my under eye bags lessen.

I also think its best to use this flush several days in a row, with some Epsom Salt and it is probably only for those without Gallstones. Itís also good if you donít have the full time to devote to a proper flush.

I really enjoy the egg/oil/lime flush. I do one every couple weeks. Don't do them more frequently because instead of the recommended enemas, I prefer the Epsom salts afterwards.

About the potential egg bacteria, use Betadine HCI to sanitize the egg yolks. Just open up 2 gel caps and pour the powder into the egg yolks.

My first EP flush generated a huge 1 inch (2.5 cm) stone and many smaller stones plus lots of sand, and chaff. Since then I get smaller stones and lots of sand and chaff with every flush. Always pleased with the results and my liver is feeling better every day. I don't know if not having a gallbladder contributes to the success that I personally am enjoying with this type flush. As an aside, I use pineapple juice instead of lime and it works just wonderfully. I'd recommend this flush to anyone who is interested in a gentler on the body liver flush.

I always follow this flush with a dose of Epsom salts; never had a problem. Don't know that it matters, but I don't have a gallbladder.

I have been doing this for a couple of months now. At first I did it every couple of days, and now I do one about every 4 or 5 days. I really like the way it makes me feel. For me, this does not replace my regular liver flush, but I like to use it as an additional protocol.

The first few times I did enemas. I could tell what was passing and see that it was working and getting rid of stuff.

This one scares me ... but only because of there being no dilative ingredient ... I'm wondering wouldn't it be a good idea to add one to the cocktail itself or something ahead of time ... one wouldn't always KNOW whether one has stones or not.

I've doing the yolk flush for 2 months almost daily now and I use egg yolks, oil, and Orange juice. I donít eat normal foods because I donít want the take any chances with a reaction. I got much better in these 2 months but I cannot tell what of this is due to the yolk flush because I do several other alternative things too, including Chlorella/Spirulina, very healthy meals with natural spices, working out a lot outside, and chewing nuts and grain sprouts in a special way. The flush pushed out sand and other gunk with every elimination, also lots of mucous, and with the first about 14 eliminations I got something that you might call soft wax like stones. In the last week I started to replace the sunflower oil with canola oil, and low and behold - got clotted stuff and more mucous strings again, and also felt tired again after a flush which I hadnít since I began. On reflection it maybe better to flush 1 week full every 1 to 2 months.

Apples are highly recommended to be used prior to any flush that they may contribute to the dilation of the bile ducts. Some people take a small amount of ES daily in their drinking water or other concoctions. I personally have 1/4 tsp everyday, since I add it to my 2 quart pitcher of water. This could be keeping my ducts somewhat relaxed and has been an additional aide in this flush's success for me.

I'm doing the Lime, Egg and Oil nightly liver flush and my face is getting worse! I thought doing this would clean my liver out and help my skin heal. I don't have acne, just an annoying and painful scaling and peeling, oily/dry thing. My blackheads are super-producing, pushing themselves out, my skin is oily and dry at the same time, inflamed and peeling down the center and by my ears and creeping towards the middle of my face. the corners of my mouth are dry and cracking yet I see evidence of even MORE blackhead production.


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