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1st day of master cleanse

Date:   6/10/2007 10:59:22 AM ( 16 y ago)

I've tried to post on this new blog a few times, but I always get an error message. Argh...

anyway, I thought I would write a blog about my first master cleanse because it was so important for me to read about others' experiences when I was deciding to do this. I think it really helped me to prepare.

I prepped for the cleanse by eating only fruit for one day. I got that idea from Dr. Andrew Weil (my hero!) who does juice fasts and preps with days of eating only fruit. It did help me to shift gears, I think.

The night before, I drank a small amount of the senna tea. I want to go easy on that stuff, because I don't have problems with constipation now and I don't want to overuse stimulant laxatives. Next day, I had two BMs (I said this would be graphic, right?): 1 regular style, 1 loose and somewhat undigested. Did the SWF warm, which was gross but better than cold sea water. I did feel nauseated, but not so much that I ever thought I'd puke.

Making the lemonade took a bit of practice for me. I'm worried, especially, about using plastic containers more than once...plastics aren't so good for you. At home, I just re-use old Perrier bottles. They're heavy to carry around, though. I'm using an electric citrus juicer (3 pulp settings! so glad I got that), organic cayenne, and agave nectar (lower glycemic index than maple syrup).

The first day was okay -- honestly, the hunger pangs and physical changes weren't bad at all, but the change in routine and the emotional stuff that started to come surprised me. I set up a two week vacation for myself to do this cleanse, but for some reason (astrological chart, I'm looking at you), I'm into a bunch of emotional situations that I can't seem to change.

My mother and brother are in town at the same time (she lives in SF, he in LA) and we had "brunch" yesterday. (I had the water, extra ice.) At the same time, I got a strange phone call from my grandmother. She was miserable, aunt (who is coping with cancer) had moved her from a pretty, independent living facility to an assisted living facility for folks with Alzheimers. (She has 'heimers, but it's not so far along yet.) Anyway, my grandmother had tried to run away from this place: she found a back stair, evaded the guards and used her cane to get past the security gates. (Go, Grandma! I mean, um, come back!) Anyway, as soon as I heard her voice I knew that we had to get her out of there. That place is not for her. She said: "I'm still with it, you know?" It was heartbreaking. Anyway, my aunt switched facilities because she was afraid that if something happened to her (my aunt) that grandma wouldn't get her medication on time, etc., but she (my aunt) agrees that this is not a good solution.

I asked my brother to come with me to visit grandma today; he hasn't seen her in 17 years (like many undiagnosed Alzheimer's patients, she had many years of erratic and unacceptable behavior, and -- without knowing that it was part of the disease -- I think he made a decision that he needed to cut her out of his life). We're heading up to see her today. He said he was doing it for me, not for her, but I think he's not seeing what's really going on. He's doing it for himself.

So, despite having prepared myself for the physical aspects of this cleanse, I think the emotional stuff that's come up has been a real surprise to me. I feel very naked to it without food. Hard to explain, but I think that when you are being more attentive to your body and what it needs, you become more attentive to your emotions, your soul, and what it needs. Or maybe your body, your emotions, and your soul are the same thing. (I can be touchy-feely in an anonymous blog, right?)

This morning I did my SWF cold (didn't want to wake my boyfriend with the microwave heating beeps) and had a small, dark, foul and floating BM. I used limes today, because, hey, when life gives you limes...

Life is giving me some very strange moments to find my way through, this time. Surprising.


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