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Date:   7/28/2007 7:54:16 AM ( 14 y ago)

8:39 am:

I woke up around 3:25 feeling very hot. I drank a quart of water in two minutes. I noticed last night I had a bit of headache. I think I may have been deydrated despite drinking almost 80oz of water, 50 oz of lemonade and 20oz of tea. I'm going to increase my water intake to gallon today. I already have a quart waiting for me to drink when the 3 hour mark comes up. I drank my Flush drink around 8:30 today. I increased the amount of OV to 2oz. I will stick with that. I'm going to get an enema kit this afternoon. I've never done one before, so this will be interesting.

Oh, and this definitely works. I noticed that my stomach is tigher and flatter (even after having 5 slices of pizza last night). I'm meeting a friend this evening. She knows about how I'm trying to live my life. I don't think "food" is part of the plan this evening. So, I'm hoping to just have lemonades this weekend. Despite having a "cheat" meal, I didn't fall down. I have no desire for junk today. That's how I used to eat. Eat well all week, then have a cheat meal. I maintained a 15lb weightloss for two years and my sanity.

I had an ES cocktail. I'm finishing off the 2nd quart of water. I haven't had a lemonade yet. I will have one before I leave to see my friend. I'll have a TBS of BSM as well.

Final Update:
Just had lemonades yesterday. Definitely moved some sludge. Feeling good. Hair is shiny and soft. Notice some skin shedding from scalp. Nothing bad. I had this while on the Master Cleanse.


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