ACV/SWF Liver Flush by msteve666 .....

On 1st attempt with ACV on Liver Flush, had phenomenal results with Salt Water Flush follow-up

Date:   8/12/2007 3:16:53 AM ( 14 y ago)

This was several days ago (trouble posting this, here, but we seem to be up and running, again)


Never had a result like this before. The only thing new I added was ACV (based on another posting I had read)

For my last 3 flushes, I have been using Sunflower Oil, orange juice and egg yolks, and I have been getting a higher volume of stones when following up with a salt water flush, later on the following day (No ES follow-up). (Also just added SWF for the last 3). But didnít expect this.

Drank a lot of water up to 7 pm. ES at 8pm and 9:30pm, drank my new mix of Ĺ cup SO, combined Ĺ cup of ACV and orange juice (which was 3 tbsp ACV ) at 11:30pm. Was up late so drank another pint of water around 1:30am. Morning Ė drank more water. Disappointing morning results. 2 solid BMís up to 11am. A third quickly followed which was liquid, but no significant stones, more of the floating debris type not more than 1/8 inch, and not a lot. At this point, was certain the ACV was a bust.
Big sigh. I was disappointed. Had to go out. So just drank more water. Still hadnít eaten anything. Got back around 2pm. Hadnít had any additional urges to go. Drank another quart of fresh water (gotta keep hydrated) and did my SWF around 3:15pm. My results usually take 2-4 hours. 5:45 had to go.

Pictures speak for themselves. NEVER NEVER NEVER had this kind of result in over 3 dozen flushes) Pictured were the biggest stones, about 20% of the total

6:00pm Decided I am doing one more SWF in the next hour to follow this one. Drank another pint of water.

7:pm downed another quart of SW

8pm. Gotta go. Record time for me. Just one hour. Four high water volume eliminations in just a few minutes. First one still had a couple of big stones and easily 100 little (1/8 inch) floaters. I am so surprised by these results. And very glad I decided to do this second SWF.

9pm. Had about three more trips to the bathroom. The last one was pretty much stone and debris free. The water was still a little murky, which is surprising with the whole day being nothing but water ... 1-2 gallons. I was tempted to consider a third SWF, but had dinner instead. Tuna, broccoli, fruit cocktail, a bunch of peanuts, OJ. Boy, did that dinner taste good. Probably be snacking more before midnight.

I wonít state a conclusion that these phenomenal results were because of the AVC Ö yet. I will state that a post LF SWF IS significant. It gets it out from top to bottom. Itís stunning. I canít wait to see what my next flush brings, but this is one protocol I am sticking to. (Iíll call it Stevenís Flush)

If anyone wants me to review my dayís eating protocol, just let me know.
Iíd REALY like to see if anyone else gets similar results following this plan.

10:15pm Thought I was done and cleaned out. Had a another elimination. 2 more medium stones and a couple dozen little ones (1/8 inch). Amazing day. I wonder what a third flush would have done????


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