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Day 6 of Master Cleanse

Date:   8/20/2007 2:01:29 PM ( 14 y ago)

I was a little hungry today. Every time I'd drive past a restaurant, I'd point it out and say OH! I LOVE (fill in blank). Falafel, hummus, italian, California Chicken Cafe, Mexican. Anything. Plus I was a little cranky. If I didn't know it was PMS I may think it was detox, but no, just my hormones acting up.

I measured the maple syrup in 1/4 cup increments today to see how many calories I actually took in through my 2 TBS servings, and it's only around 700 calories. That's REALLY a shocker that in 7-8 drinks I'm not tired and falling into bed. I've been going to bed at midnight, 1 AM and having a tough time falling asleep. I'm WIDE AWAKE. Then I sleep til 5 when the tea kicks in, drink my salt water flush and sleep for another two hours. So I'm barely sleeping (I used to be a 9-10 hour sleeper.) And I wake up totally refreshed. It makes me concerned about eating real food again.

I'm 7 pounds down today...crazy. Someone told me last night that I may need to get a new corset for my show, this one's getting too big.

A little scared for Day 7 that everyone says is hard. I can't believe it's been almost a whole WEEK. This FLEW by. I thought fasting would be harder than a diet, but it's so simple. You just turn your brain off. You never crack the door to think, "What should I have for lunch?" The lack of options makes it easier. It's just a NO to everything but the lemonade. And somehow that takes care of it. I'm hoping this will help me with my will-power to make healthy choices when I'm OFF the fast. Knowing that I can really just drink one thing for a week may make it easier to opt out of chips and cheese for lunch.

Energy and persistence conquer all things. - Benjamin Franklin


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