Day 9: by hulawahini .....

day 9 and the journey within.

Date:   9/9/2007 8:22:31 AM ( 14 y ago)

I am mentally hungry today.. why you ask?? because I am bored perhaps.Since I am not so focused on making meals and such for 7 other people 8 if you include me.. .... I am finding I have those bouts of what shall I do with my life etc.. which one may have whilst you are fasting your mind body and soul.. I find it very thought provoking in general to have all this going on within my body...the allowance to shut down my digestive system to cleanse the infrasturcture etc.. and how it is effecting my daily thought process' about life and love and purpose.....How I go for my walk that I intend to be a few km's for health and it turns into a few hours journey thru my mind...all very intriguing.

I will have a sips of electrolyte water today.I will do something extra nice for myself today...Husband noticed I am looking different last night...and that I am glowing.

I am ina zize 11 comfortably.. I have a large range of at one time I weighed in at 240... size 20 I am aiming for my size that suits me best which is about a 8.




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