Fast and Flush (Triple SWF) by msteve666 .....

One day juice/ACV fast (ending with a lax tea), followed the next day with a triple SWF. Clean as a whistle.

Date:   9/3/2007 5:43:06 PM ( 14 y ago)

For the last few weeks I started a new protocol. The day before I eat light - definitely no meat. The next day I mostly fast. I actually will take a scoop of Colonix in the morning, but it will be kicked out the next day. Before bedtime, on fast day, I drink a Smoothe Move tea.

I figure a hard scrub, followed by a hard rinse. So, after the morning Colonix, at lunch time, I drink a special cocktail which includes baking soda netralized ACV (3 tbsp). The rest of the day mostly water and or juice, just nothing solid.

Next day. Flush Day. Wake up and drink a couple of cups of water. Later in the morning the Smoothe Move kicks in. Usually the elimination is solid or semi-sold, but for the most part complete. Drink more water. Within an hour or 2, may have another elimination, mostly liquid, but with a lot of residual fecal matter.

By 11am or so, I am usually done with all that. At the perceived last lax tea induced BM, I will drink another couple of cups of water and an hour later commence a salt water flush. For the last couple of weeks, it's been Water + 1 hour, SWF, +1 hour, fresh water, + 1 hour, 2nd SWF, + 1 hour, fresh water, + 1 hour, start regular eating or drinking. (Keep it light, no meat, mainly fruits and vegetable)

Today, I tried something different. A triple SWF.
SWF + 1 1/2 hours, 2nd SWF + 1 hour, 2 cups of fresh water w/ EmergenC - interim rehydration and electrolyte replenishment (probably didn't need it, but couldn't hurt.) +1 hour, 3rd SWF, + 1 hour. Fresh water. +1 hour. Started eating/drinking normally.

Now, for this 3rd SWF, wanted to try something different, so as part of the one quart solution, I added 3 tbsp of ACV. It works drinking it on end and as an enema on the other, so I wanted to see what effect a fast push through the entire tract would do. It was less palatable than just the salt water, but I have never had a dis-taste for just the salt water, so it wasn't that bad, but I did immediately brush my teeth with baking soda. Any way, from that point forward there was no apparent difference. It kicked in 1-2 hours later, just like the first 2. The eliminations (small and frequent) that followed were a light yellow with little, if any sedimentation.

Clean as a whistle, No after effect or distress during.
BP remained normal during entire sequence.


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