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Date:   9/4/2007 10:11:38 AM ( 16 y ago)

After reading the entire blog of an amazing 92 day fast I am inspired to keep a record of my own anything but food fast.Why am I doing this? Here are a few reasons, I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 7 years and most all the symptoms, the only thing my (trying so hard to help)Doctor can do is give me drugs,Which I do not want, I have pain pills but only for when I can't stand the pain and would rather jump off a building then deal with it anymore. I have been on a crusade to fight it naturally and have been successful staving it off for a period of time just to be hit by a strong, brutal bought. In my attempts I came across this site quite by accident and stumbled onto the master cleanse. I went out, bought the book read it and away I want on my first cleanse, 20 days and 15lbs later I couldn't remember ever in years sleeping that good, or feeling so very clean. So I have done a few more and there are just a few thing I find so difficult I cring at the thought of doing another one(the OOPS i crapped my pants SWF, the taste of the maple with the lemon and the crazy heartburn from the cayanne). I also want to dictate my own life instead of letting the extra 50 lbs I have decide when and where I will or will not go and how I feel about myself.The thought of being clean and lean is so exciting to me I am all in!


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