Day 2 by bootzey .....

A short post just like I promised

Date:   9/15/2007 11:22:59 PM ( 14 y ago)

Techically today is Day 3. It is after 12 am. But you understand. This post almost didnít written. Iím exhausted. I did go to choir rehearsal, but Iím zonked. Also my home computer is tripping. I can guarantee you that this post will be short.

I noticed that although today is Day 2, my flow has lightened considerably. I told you I was early. Maybe I talked my self into it. But either way Iím looking for a short flow. My head hurt for a few hours, but thankfully that has passed. I had a mild cleaning frenzy this morning. Unfortunately, that passed before I could get the entire house finished. I hope it returns before I have to go to work Tuesday. At least downstairs is spotless.

My scalp is still itching. I am a little short with people today. Iíve been catching it. Hopefully no one noticed. I have no body aches to complain of. Just tired.

I have this weird compulsion to compress my stomach and squirt into my pad. I know its nasty. I have no clue why I do this. I donít even know if itís normal. If there are any females out there please chime in and let me know if you do this.

I was nauseated this morning around 8am. I ate veggie sausage and 1 egg. That shouldnít have had me so queasy around 12. I ate around 3pm. Itís almost 9pm and I have no desire to even look at food. Iím still thirsty. I have been drinking water all day.

My temperature is 98.0.

Iím fooling around with this computer and deleting programs I donít use. Hopefully that will speed up some things for me. Maybe my incredibly fast computer at work spoils me.

Iím going back to bed.

Good night.


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