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Day 8

Date:   9/20/2007 9:38:54 PM ( 14 y ago)

It's the end of day 8. I'm sitting around drinking my lax tea. Just tomorrow, and then I'll be on my mini goal. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over. I have two tests, then I'll need to go shopping for fruit, then off to work. I try to get in an hour of rest in the afternoon to supplement my 6 hours of sleep, and tomorrow won't be one of those days. Well, maybe I can get some down time.

Not too much happened today, different day same stuff. I tried to drink the SWF drink, and I could only get down a cup. It was AWFUL. Like drinking sea water. Very warm sea water. I'll just stick with the lax tea. This is my second cup, and I'm really hoping to see some weight loss tomorrow morning.

I've also still been kind of hungry. Not ravenous, my bunny doesn't look like good food to me yet, just hungry. I don't even really want to eat. I think about food, but there seems to be this huge gap between thinking about eatting it and actually wanting to put it in my mouth. Its weird, and hard to explain.

I've been sleeping awesome lately. Its so great. =) Normally I'm such a light sleeper, and have bouts of insomnia. The last time I slept this deeply and felt this well rested was the last time I juice fasted, or when I gave up meat. I feel so committed to keep being healthy. I want to start exercising more, but until my schedule clears up a little bit I'm going to have to stick with walking back and forth to my car. Its a long walk, at about a mile both way, so about 2 miles. And one way is up hill. I miss being more fit though. For awhile I was running around 20 miles a week, with a long run of 6miles. Then summer came on and it got very hot, and I got very busy, an that was the end of that. I love to rollerblade too, but that's always a treat because I can't just walk out my house and go. Too many hills, and I'm not very good at stopping. =(

That's about it, its time for me to go to bed. Happy fasting!


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