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The Parasite Menace
by Skye Weintraub [edit]

The Parasite Menace
******* 7 Stars!
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ISBN: 1885670885


Dr. Weintraub does an excellent job in discussing, in layman's terms, the diseases caused by parasites, as well as their prevention and treatment. Although not publicized, most people in the world have at least one parasite, either of the worm or microscopic variety, and it is much more prevalent in the US than most people realize. Included are numerous statistics on incidences of parasite infestation around the world. Particularly, anyone who travels out of the country needs to read this book. Treatments are listed for each which include both conventional treatments as well as a large variety of alternative treatments. You cannot rely on your physician to automatically 'think' the possibility of parasites if you have a medical complaint, especially, if the symptoms are diffuse. And, even if testing is done, most laboratory tests do not show 'positive' the first time tested, even though the patient may have the parasite. Arm yourself with this book!

Skye Weintraub

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