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The Cure For HIV and AIDS
by Hulda Regehr Clark [edit]

The Cure For HIV and AIDS
********* 9 Stars!
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Food for Thought - Course of Action?, October 19, 2001
Reviewer: Stephen Jackson (see more about me) from El Paso, TX United States
It is clearly a highly controversial issue... HIV, AIDS, Parasites, Herbs, and "electroshock" therapy! Dr. Hulda Clark has been dismissed as a charlatan, a con artist, and a quack, but there is a HUGE world wide following of her practices and methods. While I do not have first hand experience with either HIV, or cancer, I did purchase the Cure for All Diseases, the Cure for All Cancers, and the Cure for HIV/AIDS out of both curiosity, and the desire to maintain an open mind and informed opinion of the alternative therapies in question. After reading most of the Cure for All Diseases, I would say that much of Dr. Clark's work is rooted in firm scientific reason and simply explores pathways of healing that no longer seem in "vogue" in a todays highly clinical and "drug-happy" medical society. I cannot recommend that someone suffering from HIV/AIDS quit their medications and immediately jump both feet first into this methodology. I CAN recommend that anyone who recognizes the value of natural healing and alternative medicine to STRONGLY consider SUPPLEMENTING their current course of treatment with the steps outlined in the book. If anything, the basic methods of preventing re-infestations and cleaning your environment will support better immune function.. and, who knows?! Some may experience a decreased or zero count viral load as a result of the combined therapies.. I will all of you reading this the best of both worlds, but please make an informed choice and be open to non-traditional medical doctrines.. Much of what we know of medicine, and many of our most potent "drugs" are developed ot derived from traditional medicines and plants.

This book can save your life, November 2, 2001
Reviewer: Liz Miller from Inverness, scotland
I have spent best part of the year studying the work of Dr Clark as detailed in her books.
She is undoubtably one of the most sincere people I have come across.
It is relatively easy to get hold of one of the electronic zappers that she recommends but clearing up the toxins in your environment, body products and even processed food will not be easy.
The zapper works on the principle that we are negatively charged and the parasites are positively charged so as long as the zapper is pumping out positive charge ( have your zapper checked periodically on an occiloscope at an electronics shop.

She gives you step by step instructions to do all these things and she does seem to be able to save the lives of terminally ill patients if the Good Lord is willing. The case histories in her book on Advanced Cancer are very impressive and even medical tests and x-rays are given and explained in three hundred pages.
Mark my words this lady will get the Nobel prize for medicine but it may take a while!

Liz Miller, Health Practitioner (homeopathy, Bowen therapy) 10 years experience

Become an open-minded sceptic., January 1, 2001
Reviewer: Corey F. Dyok (see more about me) from Saskatchewan, Canada.
In Dr. Clark's latest publication on hiv she has presented a little "experiment" that can be "verified." See what you think of her latest "Biochemistry Lab Manual."(copyright 2000.)

Dr. Clark states that snails are the actual host of the pathogen that secretes the hiv virus. It is the Fasiolopsis buskii. She has found that you can culture this virus in an aquarium simply by feeding the snail(and its hiv secreting fluke) with any fish food that is contaminated with benzene. Benzenes affect on our immune system(and the flukes as well) is swift and debilitating. It allows a molecular peptide called "hiss-siss"(abbreviated name) to dissapear. This peptide prevents viral integration and disintegration with our genes. Benzene also wipes out our "ack-muramyl" peptide. This prevents viral replication. So basically benzene prevents these 2 peptides from existing and in turn allows viruses to multiply and visit our genes. In the fluke parasite(on the snails) the multiplying and visiting virus happens to be hiv(actually the live protein 24 strand antigen.) This active "p24 antigen"(live hiv) can be verified by modern day ELISA immunology testing. So basically, grab an aquarium, some snails, benzene polluted fish food or corn meal and culture your own hiv!

So why all the hype. Well in 1963 the drug company Burrows/Welcome(now Glaxo/Welcome) designed a cancer chemo-therapy drug. It was the most expensive investment of its time. Unfortunately it was extremely toxic to the immune system and was discontinued. It was basically a death sentence. So how does one get rid of this drug after shelving it all this time. Manufacture a monkey scam and bingo! Hiv, the killer human virus. Dr. Clarks book will inform you of the coincidences and the puzzle will become much clearer! What was the name of this deathly cancer drug turned miracle aids treatment? AZT.

Hulda Regehr Clark (Biography)

Hulda Regehr Clark

Hulda Regehr Clark began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and the Master of Arts, with High Honors. After two years of study at McGill University, she attended the University of Minnesota, studying biophysics and cell physiology. She received her Doctorate degree in physiology in 1958. In 1979 she left government funded research and began private consulting on a full time basis. Six years later she discovered an electronic technique for scanning the human body. With it she noticed clues as to the cause of cancer, HIV and other "mysterious" diseases. Today Dr. Clark puts her methods, her results, and her conclusions before you. Read her books and recover.

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