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Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients
by Russell L. Blaylock, MD [edit]

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients
11 Stars!
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Discusses the power of good nutrition to those fighting cancer. Identifies everyday foods with cancer-fighting properties and how best to prepare them, which nutritional supplements can help, how certain fats and oils enhance the body's natural defenses, and how flavonoids can help the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Great guidance from a cancer doctor, August 21, 2004
Reviewer: Bill Henderson "Author, Cure Your Cancer" (San Antonio, TX USA) - See all my reviews

Dr. Blaylock has gathered all the information you need to understand the importance of combining natural substances with your cancer treatment. He describes all chemotherapy drugs in great detail.

I was lucky enough to discover this book just as I was leaving home to travel to Fort Worth, Texas. I was going there to help a young man convince his ex-wife that nine different chemo drugs were not going to cure their 7-year old son of his leukemia without supplementation with natural substances. While my wife drove, I read Dr. Blaylock's book. It was as if he were speaking directly to me and the ex-wife. He explained, for example, that none of the drugs being used on Jeffrey had ever been tested together for harmful synergies. None of them had ever been tested on children.

When I gave Dr. Blaylock's book to the ex-wife at the courthouse in Fort Worth, I said a prayer that she would read it. She did. She withdrew her case against her ex-husband and they worked out a natural regimen for Jeffrey. It worked. Within a few weeks, Jeffrey was back to normal after being near death. I atrribute his survival to the information in this book.

Bill Henderson
Author, "Cure Your Cancer"

Very comprehensive - stands out from others on the shelf, July 18, 2004
Reviewer: A reader
I bought this book because a friend of ours has prostate cancer and I wanted to be more informed. There are a lot of titles on the "shelf" in this area - nutrition and cancer, vitamins, supplements, megadoses, minerals, what to eat and what not to eat. Some of them have extraordinary claims for cures. There are a lot of philosophies on diet, which doesn't help a cancer patient when they need sound information rather than opinions and beliefs about food. Perhaps there would be less of this confusion if conventional medical treatment started to use nutrition as a part of mainstream cancer treatment.
I must say that I am really pleased with this book. As I get into it, the content gets better and better - a sign of a well informed and thorough piece of work. Dr Blaylock is very realistic about his purpose and doesn't make extraordinary claims. Instead he systematically reveals & explains the current research about vitamins and supplements, always in the context of cancer. He has a prevailing view that "fresh is best" and qualifies this. It seems to me he also has a hopeful tone, which is sometimes missing from practitioners.

I have always been interested in the findings and ideas of Dr Linus Pauling (eg see ISBN 094015921 and ISBN 0380702894) and also Dr Abram Hoffer (eg see ISBN 1550820788). Pauling has been decried by some (though the results of these two doctors' work speak for themselves). For me, this book represents in part a confirmation of their ideas, although the book is less prescriptive than the above and has a broader perspective on diet.

One of the central themes in this book is the immune system, and how to strengthen it. Blaylock is careful to indicate where certain foods or supplements actually encourage rather than inhibit cancer growth. He is also good at providing ammunition for the patient to be able to face some of the resistance that arises from physicians who are dubious about the role and value of nutrition in treatment.

I gave this book four stars not five, for a couple of reasons. If there had been a summary or tables or suggested outline programme to help the patient construct their own nutrition regime, this would have hit the bell! As it stands, I will dig through the chapters and index to glean a summary of points to put into an action plan. I was also hoping to find a website with some level of currency and discussion about the book - patients asking questions, an updated resource list, general advice, a blog perhaps, or supplemental material. In a word, 'support'. (See

Overall, a very good book: readable, thorough, very comprehensive, practical and a good reference - recommended.

Russell L. Blaylock, MD (Biography)

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a board-certified neurosurgeon, combines many years of medical practice with study of thousands of research studies to create this monumental book. Author of Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills, one of the first books to address the hazards of food additives, he has also written several other medical books and numerous scientific articles. He currently resides in Mississippi with his family. 

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