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Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About (Hardcover)
by Kevin Trudeau [edit]

Natural Cures
******** 8 Stars!
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Book Description
Kevin Trudeau blows the lid off a nest of deception and double standards concerning general and individual health in this new book, "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About." Kevin has risked government prosecution to bring you the full story of an intricate conspiracy.

From the retail supermarket outlets of huge, publicly traded corporations comes processed, manipulated, engineered "food products" – produced by other wings of the same corporation. These artificial, toxic treats are then sold with the blessings of the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration – government organizations charged with safeguarding the public good – laying the foundations for future disease and chronic ill-health for the consumer, and a guaranteed source of revenue for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Kevin reveals the shocking truth of how drugs – which are being advertised directly to the consumer, pushing their use to an all-time high – are actually the cause of illness and disease climbing to near epidemic levels.

And, though it sounds dire, Kevin offers a light in the darkness and directs the reader to scores and scores of alternative therapies, medical practices, philosophies and – most importantly – potential cures that help your body regain its natural state of health and vibrancy.

So follow Kevin on an amazing journey through the behind-the-scenes world of corporate sponsored "nutrition" and "health," and learn about "Natural Cures 'THEY' Don't Want You To Know About."

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Hardcover Infomercial, July 26, 2005

Reviewer: K. Johnson (Earth) - See all my reviews
I look at this book by Kevin Trudeau as two parts. One is the information presented, and the second is the *way* it is presented.


First off, I do agree with his claims regarding the FDA & FTC, and think as many people should become aware of their practices as possible. The Food and Drug Administration is in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry. Sadly the culprit is: greed.

Who pays the price? As usual, the regular folk who have to plunk down extortionate fees for prescription medication that they will have to take everyday for the rest of their life. This is the way the pharmaceutical industry wants it: The industry doesn't want a cure, they want a consumer to be dependent on their medication, everyday, for the rest of their life.

Trudeau is correct when he states that by claiming that an "orange cures scurvy," which is a fact. And by stating this fact, he is breaking the law. If you state that something relieves or cures a particular ailment, even if known for thousands of years, the FDA says you are calling it a "drug," and this is illegal.

Most of us know about Heart Burn. Now, the medical industry has classified Heart Burn - yes, Heat Burn - as an official disease.

And guess what? You have to go to the doctor and get a prescription to relieve the symptoms of this disease by taking prescription medication every single day.

When the cure is actually: Apple Cider.

Readers of this book and others on this topic should look into the lobbying by pharmaceutical companies. How much money is spent lobbying? What bills are passed at the Congressional level?

Why do Dad, Uncle Mike, Cousin Mary, and Grandpa take 8 different pills a day? You know those LARGE but small, mini, pill containers that separate the days: Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - and so on? And the pills in the daily reminders are all the same pills to be taken daily. Until you die.


Answer: $$$$

Natural remedies don't provide all the answers but they can help in prevention and relieve symptoms and cure some common ailments.


The second aspect I look at in this book is the "way" it's presented. In this book there is one thing that consistently turns the reader off while reading it: the Pitch. There seems to be a constant sales pitch in this book. There are references to Mr. Trudeau's website to get more information - after already paying for this book? Once you get to the website you discover it's $10 dollars per month to access.

His newsletter is provided free at first, and then you are automatically going to be billed for it in future, and it's the consumer that will have to cancel this subscription that will be automatically charged to the consumer's credit card. If the author hadn't molded his book into a hardcover infomercial and had been more revealing it might have possibly been accepted more by the public.

As naturalpathic and preventative natural measures have become increasingly popular, there are several websites and books on this topic that don't require monthly subscriptions. Other books and websites have the same information - for less price and even free - without the "the pitch."

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Natural Cures , October 10, 2005

Reviewer: William Pen (Sacramento CA USA) - See all my reviews
Kevin Trudeau the author has show me the ultimate in how to operate a "SKAM" on the internet. 1. You purchase the book, which is about 1/3 him complaining about the Government, doctors, and drug companies; 1/3 him telling about cures he can't tell you about because the Government will get him and to find the answer you must go to his WEB site; 1/3 general cures that have been published over the last 50 years.

2. You go to his WEB site to find out the information you bought the book for in the first place and find that he again talks in generalities and explaines that you must "Subscribe" to his news letter to find the actual answer he originally said was in his book.

3. You "subscribe" and find out his newsletter is less informative than the book. He referenced the questions I personnally had with a "NOTE" it would be in future newsletters.

4. Then try to cancel your subscription!!! No reference in the WEB site on how to cancel. I had to go to my credit card company to get a phone number to cancel. "no problem" no confirmation number, it was cancelled. But wait it shows up again added on to my next months statement. Card co will now start a dispute. UGH!

5. Do your self a favor, "Don't subscribe to the newsletter". If you like listening to wealthy people complain about how the government is picking on them then you will enjoy the book. Book should be titled "Poor Me and the Great Conspiracy".

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Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About, October 10, 2005

Reviewer: Toni Vala (USA) - See all my reviews
Excellent book - very informative -- everyone should read this one!

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There are better choices, October 10, 2005

Reviewer: Bananek - See all my reviews
I am very puzzled by this book. It is not what I expected at all after watching the TV infomercial. I did find some info, but far short from my expectations....(!!!!) This book is just OK. In fact it does not deliver most of the promises that I have heard from Kevin on TV. Instead it is a big advertisement for Kevin's website.

There are many other books at the market that discuss natural cures, stress reduction methods, proper nutrition, proper breathing techniques, yoga, etc. Books like "Cure the Incurable", and "Can We Live 150 Year" by Tombak, or "Health trough God's Pharmacy" by Treben, just to name a few. There is a lot of good information ambout healthy lifestyle, herbal medicine, and much more... I suggest checking them out instead. As an alternative to Kevin's website I suggest StartHealthyLife with a lot of information on altenative medicine, the above mentioned books, and some FREE Ebooks on other health-related issues.

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This book really led me to reevaluate, October 10, 2005
Reviewer: Pam Morrissey (Seymour, CT) - See all my reviews
I want to thank you Mr. Trudeau for your thoughts on how Tampons can lead to urinary tract infections and even cancer. I've been using them ever since I first got my period and making the switch to cheesecloth pads that your book recommends was not easy for me. Now I love them and also have the peace of mind that my future children will be cancer free. Thank you so much for this revealing knowledge.

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The Biggest Con of This Decade, and the Last Hopefully!, October 10, 2005

Reviewer: David M. Loucas "Hard to Please" (West Palm Beach, FL) - See all my reviews
I fell for Mr. Trudeau's hype quite easily during a very early a.m. infomercial. He sounded and looked so sincere, and worldly and wise. It's been a long time since I've been had, so after receiving the book in the mail, and reading the first few chapters, I was embarrassingly livid. He has the audacity to repeat an entire chapter, verbatim, under another heading in the book. There was absolutely nothing, and I can't emphasize this enough, nothing in this book that informed me of anything new, or significant. What really piqued me was he included "free" copies of his newsletters, which too contained nothing! He claims that Good Morning America, or was it the Today Show, that had embarked on a campaign to discredit him and his findings. He also claims that he refused to be interviewed by them as they showed up at his residence unannounced, intrusively, and very threatening. He should thank his lucky stars that it was only a talk show crew that showed up. I'm surprised that hundreds of readers of this book didn't descend upon his private residence demanding that he be deported. (Sigh) Where is 60 Minutes and Mike Wallace when you really need them?

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Very Interesting reading, October 10, 2005

Reviewer: Kathleen Johnson (San Diego, Ca USA) - See all my reviews
Good thought provoking book. Makes you really wonder about a lot of things and has you evaluating everything you put in your mouth to eat or medicine you take. I think this should be a high school subject.

5 of 12 people found the following review helpful:

An eye opener, October 10, 2005

Reviewer: Billy Joe Carter (Lexington, Kentucky) - See all my reviews
Kevin, I read what your books says about how the chemicals in latex condoms can cause cancer and took your advice to switch to sheepskin rubbers. From one cocksman to another, thanks!

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Mange your is worth the read!, October 9, 2005

Reviewer: V. James "Love2Read" (USA) - See all my reviews
After losing a dear mother to "cancer" that health care professionals failed to "cure" or to say the least make her last months tolerable and seeing other loved ones suffer by the hand of "prescription drugs and treatments" that make matters worse, I wanted and needed a road map to manage my own health and wellness. Natural Cures... book has become that roadmap and I have become a manager of my destiny. Having bought and read the book only a week ago and surfing the net for some of the cleansing and organic food solutions he discusses, I am feeling better and am developing a level of comfort I have not experienced in a decade.

To the nay-sayers
Because everyone needs to earn an income to live/survive in this society, it is expected and encouraged that Trudeau has an e-commerce website that offers additional information for consumers to purchase and benefit from. Do not knock it. I wish I had done the research he'd done and published a book and website that shared the information with the masses.

Get the is worth it!

Oh yeah, go outside and get some SUN.

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Cut yourself and then put a band-aid on..., October 9, 2005

Reviewer: TP (USA) - See all my reviews
The book is a good starting point for you (and loved ones) if you're unfamiliar with living an organic/natural/active/non-toxic lifestyle. It can be the start of a healthy journey for the rest of your and your family's life - and even SAVE your lives. You'll get starting advice on designing and living a life that minimizes (and likely prevents) the onset of most illnesses that seemingly require only pharmaceuticals - pill popping is NOT the only solution. Isn't that the cure of all cures - prevention and healthy maintenance? Of course, there's a place for wonderful antidotes and medical breakthroughs like penicillin, but not ALL pharmaceuticals like Vioxx are as safe as they may sound. Those are just "bandages" that don't address the source, which can include the foods you eat, the quality of the environment you surround yourself with, your physical activity, etc.

Even if you already have an illness, some simple lifestyle changes may be all it takes to reverse the condition. He mentions a lot of tips, some you've heard, some you haven't. One is eating the organic equivalents of the current foods you eat. Yes, organic food is a little more expensive, but how expensive is a trip to the hospital, or a visit to the doctor or lost wages due to being sick and not able to go to work. When you do the math, organic food isn't that expensive and well-worth buying. You may look into reading a book called, "The Taste That Kills". And think of regular cow's milk: it's been pumped with hormones and have grazed in pastures treated with artificial herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. I now drink organic milk (and may switch to soy or almond milk). And artificial sugars.. my co-worker and her husband have stopped drinking diet soda and her migraines and his lethargy are gone.

After making some changes, I've stopped taking Aciphex! If you don't know, it's a drug for acid reflux. It's meant to be taken once daily, ideally for the rest of your life! I have taken it for 3 years DAILY. The independence is PRICELESS.

I have much more energy, more vibrancy and vitality, my skin is youthful since making the simple changes mentioned in the book and from my own research on the net and in books. I don't do everything he suggests - I just took what's useful. It wasn't easy as some things had an "addictive" pull that I had to persist through - but it's worth it. Plus, I was annoyed at first because this isn't exactly cheap to do. I made some sacrifices; I managed my spending better. This small cost of treating your body/mind like gold outweighs the cost of getting sick and feeling much less than ecstatic.

In addition, you'll get his interesting viewpoint of the motivations of the pharma's, FDA et al. I believe that justifies checking this book out... to form your own opinion, dissenting or otherwise. What if... he's not making any of this up? He does sound a bit fanatical about it but it has prompted me to be aware of the possibility of the FDA, politicians, and pharmaceuticals silently helping each other, for example: "On February 10, 1993, Sen. Chafee and his wife purchased between 2,000 and 30,000 dollars worth of stock in Merck (the giant pharmaceutical... specializing in human AND animal drugs). It just so happens that this purchase coincides with the introduction of at least five major health-care bills. And since Sen. Chafee sits on the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Health as well as the Subcommittee on Medicare, his purchase of Merck constitutes an immediate and glaring conflict of interest (motherjones)."

I think the main value of this book is that it will help people to wake up and take charge of their health - that's a good thing! Research the things he mentions that resonate with you. Add some regular exercise and healthy foods AND eliminate fast food, all soda, refined sugars, TV/microwave dinners, 10-minute oven pizzas, artificially sweetened ANYTHING, hormone milk, potato chips, cheap bread, anything fried. If you can honestly say your life won't be better doing that, then take those prescribed drugs to alleviate the conditions that are caused by those foods. That's like purposely cutting yourself and putting a band-aid on. You have more control over your health than you realize. Again, compare the cost of changing some of your habits to how expensive a trip to the hospital is, or a visit to the doctor or lost wages due to being sick and not able to go to work.

It's not a perfect how-to book, but it's a start, and a start is all you need. What's nice about this book is that you get both a beginner's guide to conscious health and a controversial report about the FDA, pharmaceuticals, et al. The latter has had a big influence on me, to the point where I'm going to volunteer some time to 1) educating instead of EXCLUSIVELY medicating 2) help (somehow and however small) to check and balance the powers-that-be involved with the big pharmaceuticals.

If you get this book (or similar), may it start you on a healthier and happier, stress-free life.

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A New Person, October 8, 2005

Reviewer: luv Big-D (Dallas, TX USA) - See all my reviews
Quite simply, this book has changed my life. I saw this infomercial one Saturday and was immediately captivated. I bought the book and was so angry and I have really learned a lot. It really makes a lot of sense.

I started doing many of the things that Mr. Trudeau recommended and I have never felt healthier. I have more energy and think a little clearer. My urinary system is clearer than it has been in a long time.

It's too bad the narrow-minded are so brainwashed and scared of the truth that they have given this book a bad rating and have tried to steer people away from it, keeping them from being the healthiest they've ever been and opening up their eyes to the real world around them. Shame on you people. Buy this book and start a revolution.


5 of 18 people found the following review helpful:

Keep after it, Kevin, we're all mad as hell, October 7, 2005
Reviewer: They'llsueme2 "Karen" (Ks) - See all my reviews
I don't care how much money Kevin makes, he's getting the job done, I support him 100%

3 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

Just came back from a Hawaian vacation. Who needs sun tan lotion?, October 7, 2005

Reviewer: Brad Williams "Love To Travel" (Albany, NY) - See all my reviews
Hello everybody! I just got back from a absolutely fantastic vacation in that great state of Hawaii! Before going, I read Kevins book and for the first time ever, did not use any sun block or sun tan lotion. Who needs that junk anyway. Most people (including me before reading this book) did not realize that the skin is the la rgest organ in our body and absorbs quickly. Can you imagine what this junk does to our bodies once it is inhaled through our largest organ? Would you drink that junk? No! They why would you want to inhale and absorb all of that crap through your la rgest organ? It doesn't make sense.

By the way, I didn't burn and felt better than ever. I never thought about it before, but in the past I had this nauseating feeling in my stomach after being out int he sun. Not this time.

Kevin Trudeau (Biography)

Kevin Trudeau is fast becoming the nation’s foremost consumer advocate. Adopting as both his business and personal mission statement a vow to "positively impact the whole person," Kevin has been involved in a vast array of business enterprises that marketed or sold products that he personally used and believed in 100%.

Having been personally responsible for over $2 billion in business world-wide, Kevin knows from personal experience how big business and government try to debunk individuals who promote products that could hurt the profits of the giant multinational corporations.

Kevin spends most of his time spearheading a website that promotes education about natural healing therapies; and a website that exposes corporate and government abuse and corruption. Kevin is actively pursuing lawsuits against the individuals, corporations and government agencies that take advantage of the average consumer. He is also dedicated to the formation of various foundations to pursue these goals, and has donated much of his fortune for that purpose.


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