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Fighting Cancer: A Survival Guide
by Jonathan Chamberlain [edit]

Fighting Cancer: A Survival Guide
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 0747277281
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Fighting Cancer: A Survival Guide is currently only available as an e-book from However, it is expected to be republished in British edition (new title: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide. Also a French translation is planned for 2006.

Fighting Cancer: A Survival Guide is divided into three main sections.

Section 1: An explanation of what cancer is, and what you need to know about the disease: causes, types, impacts etc.

Section 2: A critical examination of mainstream medicine: diagnostic procedures, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and a range of new therapies. In this section we also examine the flaws built into cancer research which explains the failure to find a cure. Finally there is a discussion of the politics of cancer and medicine in general, providing important background enabling us to understand why seemingly valuable non-drug based approaches to cancer are vilified.

Section 3: A detailed description of the alternative anti-cancer approaches: alternative testing procedures, detox, diets, supplements, herbs, anti-cancer formulations (IP6, Biobran etc), therapeutic protocols and approaches (Beljanski, Budwig, Burton, etc), biological therapies, energy therapies and the importance of mind-body interactions.

Jonathan Chamberlain (Biography)

Jonathan Chamberlain has written a large number of books but is mainly known as the author of Fighting Cancer: A Survival Guide (Headline 1996). This book has been updated (2006) and now weighs in at 150,00 words. Plans are being made to republish the book Under the title: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide. Until then it is available as an ebook from Jonathan's website . The book provides a critical evaluation of mainstream medicine and cancer research before providing a full description of all the anti-cancer therapies available in the area of alternative medicine.  Among his other books is Chinese Gods, an exploration of Chinese folk religion through a detailed analysis of some of the main folk deities.  Jonathan currently lives in Brighton, England. 

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