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Do It Yourself Weed Medicine
by Granny Earth N.D. [edit]

Do It Yourself Weed Medicine
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 9868265215
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Do It Yourself Weed Medicine- An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

' Weed Medicine ' is a treasure chest of modern wisdom on the natural medicines found in plants that grow all around us. The plant illustrations are large and clear, their practicle uses are easy to grasp and the author's wit, humor and love of nature all radiate from the pages with passion and authenticity. This is an outstanding guide to natural medciine written by a women of many talents. Let Granny teach you how to make your own ' weed medicine ' the way your ancestors did. Also included are recipes using delicious weeds!

Granny Earth, N.D. decided it was time to give folks an honest look at the history of natural healing and the 'transition to toxic drugs'. Granny asks the question- "Where to from here?"  She then proceeds to inform the reader about healing weeds. Featuring 37 local weeds, Granny continues on to Chapter 6- Making Your Own Weed Medicine. An added feature is the 3 - 7 day detox protocol. Granny demonstrates the simpllicity of making food and medicine from weeds that grow wild- the way our ancestors did. A 'must have' book for truth seekers of natural healing!

Granny Earth N.D. (Biography)

Granny Earth is a 66 year old Naturopath who is dedicated to educating others about the healing power of weeds.

In her new book- Do It Yourself Weed  Medicine- Granny teaches you how to identify 37 common weeds (with illustrations), harvest, dry and make your very own 'weed medicine'. Experience, wisdom and common sense is what Granny offers in a way to teach others what she has learned down through the years about natural healing.


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