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Immune Dysfunction
Winning My Battle Against Toxins, Illness & the Medical Establishment

by Judith Lopez

"As riveting as a novel that you can't put down. Comprehensive and authoritative," says William G. Crook, M.D., author of The Yeast Connection Handbook and Tired - So Tired!

This compelling memoir of a life-or-death struggle with immune deficiency and the medical profession illuminates that dark side of medicine where unfounded beliefs substitute for scientific knowledge.

You must read this book if

  • you have unexplained medical problems such as debilitating fatigue and pain
  • you can't think clearly because of brain fog
  • your doctor implies that it's all in your head
  • you want help and inspiration to find the cause and a solution
  • you care about someone who has these problems
  • you want to learn about health
  • you simply want to read a good story

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ISBN: 0-9701270-4-9


Amazon Price: $14.95
(used) $12.75

This absorbing true story of medical mismanagement and malpractice is told by a courageous maverick who struggled alone for 20 years until she found a physician who understood her symptoms and brought life back to her when she was "little more than a skeleton with a heartbeat."

About the Author

Excerpts from "Immune Dysfunction"
Winning My Battle Against Toxins, Illness & the Medical Establishment - read online

Glean scientific facts and information about undiagnosed medical problems, environmental sensitivities, and allergies. Gain medical insight and a different view of toxins and acquired immune deficiencies.

If you care about health and medical matters, or you love the twists and turns of a good mystery, you'll want to buy this book.

Reviews - What others say about 
"Immune Dysfunction: Winning My Battle Against Toxins, Illness & the Medical Establishment"

"As riveting as a novel that you can't put down, this provocative memoir will provide help and hope to countless people - especially those who experience devastating fatigue, unexplained aches and pains, chemical sensitivities, memory problems, accompanying depression, and a feeling of being 'sick all over.'

"Like many women with such symptoms, Lopez was dismissed by countless physicians who could find no physical basis for her problems and advised her to consult a psychiatrist. Only through courage, persistence, and the help of a wonderful physician knowledgeable in treating yeast-related disorders did Lopez reclaim her life.

"Comprehensive and authoritative . . . I give it my highest recommendations."

William G. Crook, M.D.
Author, The Yeast Connection Handbook

"She is a gifted writer . . . It is a compelling read."

Vincent A. Marinkovich, M.D.
Clinical Associate Professor, Stanford Medical School

Wonderfully Written- Comforting Book!, August 23, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Fresno, Ca USA

What a God-send this book has been to me! Although I could not relate to every symptom the author experienced during her long, long battle with Immune Dysfunction, I could certainly relate to the heartbreak and isolation that she felt. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has suffered the immeasurable pain of being so sick that you cannot function and yet having people doubt the validity of the illness from which you suffer on a daily basis. It is an unbelievable phenomenon for those of us who KNOW that something is physically WRONG with us; reading "Immune Dysfunction" will show you that YOU and I are NOT ALONE. Please buy this book, you'll feel better!

A powerful and engaging medical memoir, July 4, 2001
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (see more about me) from Oregon, WI USA

Immune Dysfunction: Winning My Battle Against Toxins, Illness & The Medical Establishment is the personal and compelling story of Judith Lopez and her experiences with medical mismanagement and malpractice. Judith documents her struggle with a mystery malady that was life threatening. All the while her doctors sought to discount chronic fatigue syndrome, yeast syndrome, and environmental illnesses as merely sociogenic problems, the result of a mass hysteria or psychosomatic illness. After a twenty year battle with an illness the medical community proclaimed to be non-existent, Judith finally connected with Doctor Vincent Marinkovich, a Stanford professor and authority on clinical immunology and allergy, who was able to understand and treat her symptoms. Immune Dysfunction is a powerful and engaging medical memoir and highly recommended reading for anyone suffering from any form of environmentally generated illness whose physicians are trying to palm off as a form of hysteria or mental illness, as well as medical students, health workers, and practicing physicians concerned with the proper diagnosis and treatment of the rapidly growing numbers of men, women, and children who are experiencing environmentally driven immune system dysfunctions.

Amazon Price: $14.95
(used) $12.75

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