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Keynote Presentation Homeography & Zapping

Dr. Hulda Clark

Review by Brendan O’Shea

Keynote Presentation Homeography & Zapping is an informative and inclusive video in which Dr. Clark talks about the relationship between the Syncrometer (TM), the Zapper, Plate-Zapping and Homeography. It is a must for anyone seriously interested in pursuing Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols.

The Syncrometer
Dr. Clark begins with a discussion of the Syncrometer. The Syncrometer is a precision electronic device developed by Dr. Clark which enables rapid and accurate detection of various substances in the human body. The device functions as an audio oscillator operating on the principle of resonances or identical frequencies. You place a substance on an aluminum plate and the Syncrometer will search for the same substance within the body.

Following this procedure, you can detect entities—solvents, metals, pollutants, bacteria, molds, parasites and dyes—in the body as a whole.

You can also identify which organs contain a particular entity and conversely what entities reside in a particular organ. For example, mercury may be in the kidney, streptococcus in the joints, and so on. This high degree of accuracy allows you to embark on a clean-up program for the body in a focused way, while monitoring your progress with the Syncrometer.

Dr. Clark concludes her discussion of the Syncrometer with a caveat: learning to use the Syncrometer effectively takes considerable training—a minimum of six months. It is therefore the preferred option for the layman to have testing done by a trained individual or by a professional Syncrometer testing service.

The Zapper
The zapper is essentially a pulse generator. It produces electrical pulses at a fixed rate. The Zapper has an output frequency of about 30,000 Hertz (cycles per second Positive-Offset), at a nominal voltage of 9 VOLTS DC. The purpose of the zapper is to destroy undesirable organisms within the body. The pulses are positively charged. This is a very important point, Dr. Clark reminds us. Only positive charges kill pathogens. Negative charges actually enable them! The zapper does not produce uniform results from one person to another, i.e. if one person get’s rid of a back ache another person using the zapper may not necessarily get rid of her back ache. Why? According to Dr. Clark, this is because of problems with insulating chemicals within the body, heavy metals and PCBs, these insulating chemicals shield all or parts of the body from receiving any electricity. In many cases there is so much PCB in the hands that zapping has to be done through the feet.



The above problem of uniform results is greatly reduced by the use of the Plate-Zapper. The zapper is used with two capacitor plates attached. On the plates you can put slides of pathogens or organs, with the object of specifically zapping the organ or the pathogen that is on the plate. With Plate-Zapping, the item placed on a plate directs or “invites” the current. Plate-Zapping is used to directly affect injurious organisms. Dr. Clark refers to her technique of Plate-Zapping as a means of “killing all the rats in the building in one hour.”

Plate-Zapping, Dr. Clark explains, can take the place of an immune system which has become ineffective. But why do our immune systems become ineffective? Dr. Clark cites five reasons:

1) Asbestos in food
2) PCB’s in food
3) Benzene
4) Lanthannides (Heavy Metals)
5) Dyes

These are the culprits, Dr. Clark maintains; these are the five immunity depressants. In a way, she goes on to say, the accumulation of these toxic substances in our bodies is a part of the price we pay for living in a highly civilized environment, in a highly artificial environment.

So what can one do? Make improvements in your lifestyle, Dr. Clark says, which will empower your immune system. Meanwhile take specific remedies to get rid of those 5 immune system depressants. (those remedies are listed on our website)

Why Plate-Zapping? General zapping is not 100 percent effective because of PCB’s and other toxic substances in the body which serve as insulators, thus shielding the target organisms from the lethal voltage. With Plate-Zapping, however, you can direct the voltage to a particular organ. Once you have detected and defined which substances and organisms are present (through Syncrometer testing) you can proceed to zap these targets specifically. Due to the insulating presence of heavy metals and PCB’s, as discussed above, white blood cells which would normally seek out and devour pathogens are unable to “read” the frequencies of the bugs. By Plate-Zapping with the target organisms on the Emerger’s Plate (discussed below) and a white blood cell copy on the Organ in Distress Plate, the weak or shielded signals from the offending organisms are amplified, and the white blood cells are suddenly able to “see” and gobble up the perpetrators.

Let’s say you put the liver slide on the plates in order to concentrate the energy from the zapper to a liver that has PCBs in it. Because of the resonance between the liver slide and the liver itself, greater results will be achieved despite the insulating qualities of the pollutant in the liver. There are also ways to take out the heavy metals and PCBs for example with ozonated olive oil.

Finally, Dr. Clark discusses the concept of Homeography. Simply stated, Homeography consists of first sending a frequency into a small bottle of water. The frequency might be that of Salmonella or Clostridium or it might be a generic frequency of white blood cells. Or, it could be the frequency of asbestos or benzene. A bottle containing the specific frequency of a pathogen, substance or organ is called a bottle copy.

Let’s say you have your collection of bottle copies, which can be used over and over. Now you are ready to do Organ in Distress (OID) zapping. As we mentioned earlier, two plates are used, the Right Plate, called the Emerger’s Plate and the Left Plate, called the Organ in Distress Plate or OID Plate. Before we begin, it should be noted that there is a group of bottle copies which always remains on the Emerger’s Plate. These are:

3 Salmonella and Flu
Yeast & Ras

The reason for keeping these bottles on the Emerger’s Plate is that these are the parasites-within-parasites which regularly emerge when their hosts are zapped.

Now place an additional bottle copy or group of bottle copies on the Emerger’s Plate. These are the target organisms you wish to zap. By placing bottle copies of these undesirable organisms on the Emerger’s Plate you are officially giving them their eviction notice. They are on their way out.

Next, place a copy of the organ on which you wish to focus on the OID Plate. For example, if you have a problem with the liver, place a liver copy on the OID Plate and zap for 20 minutes.

And that’s all there is to it? Not really. There is much more, of course. The Keynote Presentation Video is essentially an overview which affords us some degree of familiarity with the Syncrometer, the Zapper, Plate-Zapping and Homeography, and how they work together. A second video, Dr. Hulda Clark Workshop on Homeography and Plate-Zapping, takes us into the classroom to show us how the principles discussed herein are effectively applied. In this video Dr. Hulda Clark gives step by step directions on Homeography and Plate-Zapping.


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