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Supplement Schedule For The Mostly Zapping Program

First 3 Days
After 3 Days
After 2 More Days
On Day 14
On Day 21

Zapping Schedule
First of All
You will need
Setting up
To avoid burns
Zapping schedule for the left plate

The program has been simplified, you will appreciate the shortened zapping schedule.

The 21 Day Program is no longer required. Do this protocol instead.

The 5 Immune System Depressants
And How to Get Rid of Them

1. Asbestos
Solution: Take 2 tablets Livamasole (Decaris) for 14 days, three times per day, before meal. You can only buy Livamasole if you get a perscription from a doctor in US. In Mexico this product is known as Decaris and no perscription is needed. An alternative to this program is to take 40 jalapeno seeds (place them in empty gelatin capsules) three times per day.

2. PCBs
Solution: Take ozonated olive oil, 1 table spoon, once per day for 3 weeks.

3. Benzene
Solution: Take 2 capsules of B2 and 1 capsule of Magnesium at the same time, three times per day 5 to 10 minutes before food.

4. Lanthannides (Thulium and Holmium)
Solution: Place a magno patch on the spine, between the last two verbetres. Wear it during the day and take off during night. Continue until it does not show up on the Syncrometer.

5. Dyes
Solution: Take 6,000 mg (15 caps) of Co-Q-10 out of the capsules, place all of that powder in your mouth and let it melt there. Do this 1 times per day for 3 days. Best in the morning. Take no liquid or food 30 minutes before or after.

Parasite Program with Spice Syrup
You still need to take the regular Parasite Program. Take all of the following 5 ingredients together with the Spice Syrup:
1. Take one-fourth (0.25) teaspoon to one-half (0.5)teaspoon of Spice Syrup 3 times per day for at least 10 months or until Syncrometer testing shows no more parasites.
2. Livamasole (Decaris), two tablets 3 times per day. Or 40 jalapeno seeds (seeds only) into capsules and take 3 times per day for 2 weeks.
3. Nine caps of Super W Blend for 2 weeks.
4. Put 4 drops oregano oil in a capsule and take 3 times per day for as long as you take the Spice Syrup.
5. Take 6 caps of Cactus once per day for 4 weeks.

Avoid Foods Containing Phloridzin
It is very important to avoid all those:

Apples, except Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Jona Gold, Mudsu, Ginger Gold, Senshu, Red Roma

Unripe fruits of any kind

Bananas with hint of green at the ends



Soy products and soy oil and all derivatives

Pork, ham, and derivatives

Dark green zucchini squash





Avoid Chlorogenic Acid
It is very important to avoid all those:

Quassia Tea

Cats Claw Herb

All peppers except jalapenos seeds


Cow's milk, and all dairy products except goats milk

Any unripe fruits



1. Extract all teeth with foreign substances (metal or plastic) in them. Very tiny fillings may be drilled out and not replaced. Start Dental Aftercare according to book. Later apply toothbrush zappicator to gums to clear remaining amalgam.

2. Vitamin D3. Total 50,000 IU a day. [125 drops = 5cc if 1 drop = 400 IU]

3. Betaine hydrochloride 500 mg. Take 3, three times a day with meals.

4. Five minutes before each meal take I capsule ferrous, gluconate (also called iron), 2 vitamin B2 (300 mg) and I Magnesium Oxide (300 mg)

5. Avoid all commercial body products and other supplements until tested. If you use a single one it will stop your progress. Please ask if uncertain. Get drugs tested.

6. Sodium Selenite, 500 mcg; Take 5 three times a day.

7. Put one drop Lugot's in water glass to drink during meal. At end of meal add 6 drops Lugol's to remaining 1/2 glass water and drink. Do not take Lugol's with or at same time as supplements. They will get oxidized and be useless. Eat only food prepared according to instructions found in the books.

8.Sonicate or Zappicate all food. Purchase spice-pack to make food tastier. [Use sonicator, they are often used to clean jewelry, one brand is the Branson 200. When sonicating the food put it in Ziploc bags and make sure that the bag is immersed in water]

9.Add HCL (5% USP) to food when served, 15 drops with meals, stirred into foods.

10. Zap every day for 8 hours with perfectly fresh batteries. Use a plate-zapper- slide kits of digestive tract, vital organs ("anatomy") and bacteria. Get extra pair of plates, zapper with continuous running option, battery charger, 2 rechargeable batteries and voltmeter. Learn to use the voltmeter.

11. Powdered hydrangea, I tsp, 3 times a day, stirred into beverage with maple syrup added. You may put in capsule.

12. Digestive Enzymes, 15 capsules between meals 2 time a day on zapping days. (Alternate pancreatin / lipase and Mixed Digestive Enzymes).

13.** Start thyroid, I tablet in morning on first day, 2 tablets each following morning,

14. Vitamin C, (1000 mg), 2 capsules with each meal, or more.

15.** Decaris (levaniisole) take 2 three times a day before meals.

16. Take 2 tsp, Fresh Black Walnut Hull Tincture (ES) OF 5 capsules daily, mixed with juice, water, or maple syrup.

17.Oscillococcinum, homeopathic for FLU. Use at bedtime, only if feeling ill.

18. Apply one 10 gauss magnet [100 gauss magnet works better] over middle of spine at back of neck. Apply 2 over each kidney region. Use clear packaging tape or masking tape only, Wear by day only. Don't remove backing. White side touches skin. Red side faces up, Purchase 20 more, loose, to make a belt, Get 3-inch Ace Bandage and plastic glue. Attach magnets in zigzag pattern one and one half (1.5) inches apart.

19. Start taking L-G and L-A, 1 Tbs. of each 4x a day.

20. Start phloridzin free and chlorogenic acid free diet.

21. Start basic spice syrup to destroy tumor causing parasites

22. Start taking "protective drops" to reduce side effects from parasite killing


1. Start zinc gluconate, 30 mg, take one a day.

2. Use Oregano Oil tooth powder, may purchase ready made. Use dry toothbrush to dip tooth powder. Floss first. Zappicate all supplies. If mouth is too sensitive use homemade floss, apply powder by finger wrapped with paper.

3.Reduce betaine to 3 capsules one time a day.

4.Start Vitamin A (I 00,000 units daily), expect symptoms of red peeling skin.

5.Start gluthathione, 500 mg; take 2 three times a day.

6.If bloating is present, add turmeric and ferinei (6 capsules each 3 times daily).

7. If diarrhea is present, add calcium (500 mg) one capsule daily with meal.

8.Learn to cook. Remove spray from produce with a double one-minute soak in hot water. Zappicate everything.

9.Start ozonated oil, 1 Tbs. daily, frozen or liquid. May be put on food.


1. Start folic acid, (0.9 mg) 2 capsules with each meal

2. Start ozonated water, 2 glasses a day

3. Do a liver cleanse as soon as possible and weekly after that. Identify parasites.

4. Drink enough liquid to bring your 24-hour urine productions up to two and one-half (2.5) quarts or more. Measure yours with a plastic gailon jug, funnel and plastic container.

5. Start IP6, 20 drops in a glass of water daily for hard tumors.

ON DAY 14 (assess progress with blood tests)
• Reduce vitamin D3 to 25,000 U daily
• Go off vitanlin A
• Reduce selenite to 200 mcg, take 5, three times a day
• Reduce Lugo’s to once a day
• Reduce Hydrangea to once daily


• Reduce ferrous gluconate to once daily
• Add item from 21 DAY PROGRAM if special health problems remain

** You need to get a perscription for those items and get them from a pharmacy or buy them abroad, like in Mexico.

The Mostly Zapping Schedule
UPDATE – MAY – 2002

First of All
You will need
Setting up
To avoid burns
Zapping schedule for the left plate

First of All:
1. Identify the “hot” (+) [Red Color] lead from your zapper.
2. Be sure your zapper is 100% Positive offset, without the tiniest spike of Negative electricity. Have it checked on an oscilloscope. [SyncroZap type zappers are 100% Positive offset]
3. Do not use a wall outlet as power source, nor a frequency generator without supervision by an electronics expert. You must avoid even a few micro-seconds of Negative offset.
4. Purchase a voltmeter and test your batteries before beginning and after every two zaps afterward to be sure the voltage is not below 9.4v at the beginning of each zap.
5. Purchase a battery charger for metal hydride batteries and two to four metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

You will need:
1. Zapper with continuous running capability instead of seven-minute sessions.
2. Plate box with two plates that are connected internally and can be attached to the ‘hot” lead of the zapper.
3. Extra pair of loose plates with edges filed smooth. One of the extra plates should be cut in half and further into quarters, all filed very smooth.
4. Elastic belts with Velcro fasteners.
5. Two copper pipe electrodes and two banana-to-alligator clip leads.
6. A kitchen timer.

Setting up.

[For most people it is best to place the copper pipes under the feet, because of excess PCBs in the hands, - right in front of the heal - put a plastic bag or paper dish on the floor, damp a kitchen towel and wrap it once (and only once) around the copper pipes, make sure there is NOT excess water on the plastic bag or paper dish, this will draw the electricity away from your body. On the other hand make sure the copper pipes have enough dampness on them to lead electricity.]

In serious illness the hot electrode [Copper pipes are best] coming from the plate box will be placed on the skin right over the problem-organ. In less serious cases it will be placed under the left foot, near to the heel. In least serious cases, where PCBs are not saturating the skin, hands or wrists may be used [With wrist bands or copper pipes]. The other, “cold” or “ground” electrode will be placed at the right foot. In emergencies it will be placed on the body, too, across from the hot electrode.

The electrodes may be aluminum plates, copper-clad boards, copper pipes [Copper pipes are best]  or flexible conductive plastic [Wrist bands]. They are wetted with plain tap water from a squirt bottle. Each foot is placed on a paper plate holding the electrode. The paper plate may be inserted in a plastic bag to protect carpet. The copper pipes (only) are wrapped with one layer of paper towel and kept wet. Aluminum squares only get squirted with water. Plastic gets squirted with water.

To avoid burns, clean the skin to be treated with straight ethyl alcohol first [Grain Alcohol only – Ever Clear has tested pure and contaminant free]. This prevents areas of high resistance developing and rejecting most of the current. You must tug at the belt to move the electrode slightly when a burn threatens. Keep a constant vigilance. If you fall asleep or ignore the “itching signal” you will soon have a small pit in your skin. To treat electrical bums, dab them with straight Lugol’s. Put a few drops of Lugol’s on a dampened paper wick and dab it on by pressing against the lesion. It should turn orange. The lesions should be kept orange colored continuously until they heal. This may take from a few days to weeks. Do not scratch or remove these small scabs. You will not be able to zap over these tiny lesions once they are made. Dry to prevent them from occurring by moving the electrode plate when it itches.

Zapping schedule for the left plate. A slash means the two items are touching each other on the plate, side by side, not on top of each other, nor overhanging each other. Bottles stand upright. You may use slides or bottles that are copies of “masters’ produced by a skilled person who has verified their activity [Anyone can now copy bottles by using the Experiment 96, in the Syncrometer Science Lab Manual]. They are equally effective. Each zap is twenty minutes long.

Plate Zapping Program

Organ in Distress, is the organ that you want to focus on, for example if you have a problem with your liver, put the liver slide on the plate zapper = OID
Group A, is a combination of arteries, veins, nerves, and ganglia = A
Group L, is a combination of lymphatics, and veins = L
Capacitor, an electronic part (1 pf, +- 0.5pf, 50v, NPO) = pf
Inductor, an electronic part (1.0 uH) = uH
/ (a slash), means that the items are touching (capacitors an dinductors never touch another item)

A. Emerger’s Plate (Right Plate)

Always keep the following on the Right Plate. The Right Plate is used to take stuff out of the body. Do not remove of plate during OID Zapping and Basic Zapping!

    • 3 Salmonella & Flu
    • Sorghum
    • Yeast & Ras

B. Basic Plate Zapping Program (Left Plate)

Do this program before the Organ In Distress (OID) Zapping Program. Put the following on the Left Plate and zap each one for 20 minutes. Keep the 3 items above on the Emerger's Plate (Right Plate) wile doing the Basic Plate Zaping Program and during the OID Program. No breaks in between are necessary, just turn the zapper off, change the item on the Left Plate and turn it right back on.


Blood (20 min)

Lymph (20 min)

WBC (20 min)

Blood/WBC (20 min)

Lymph/WBC (20 min)

A + pf (for Right side) (20 min)

A + uH (for Left side) (20 min)

L + pf (for Right side) (20 min)

L + uH (for Left side) (20 min)

C. Organ in Distress (OID) Plate (Left Plate)
After the Basic Zapping Program place the following on the Left Plate and zap each one for 20 minutes. Keep the 3 items on the Emerger's Plate (Right Plate) while doing the Basic Plate Zaping Program and during the OID Program. No breaks in between are necessary, just turn the zapper off, change the item on the Left Plate and turn it right back on.


OID / A + pf (for Right organ) (20 min)

OID /A + uH (for Left organ) (20 min)

OID / L + pf (for Right organ) (20 min)

OID / L + uH (for Left organ) (20 min)

OID / Lymph + pf (for Right organ) (20 min)

OID / Lymph + uH (for Left organ) (20 min)

Keep notes itemizing exactly which zaps have been done so your therapist can review it at a glance. Remember to take digestive enzymes on schedule to help remove dead parasites and necrotic tissue. Remember to take Lugol’s near the end of two hours zapping to control emerging salmonella bacteria. Remember to drink Quassia tea four times a day to control emerging Flu virus that could cause achiness, fatigue and appetite loss. Remember to take selenite, hydrangea powder, and thioctic acid to enable your white blood cells to deposit all the debris in the urine. Remember to make at least three quarts urine in a day to get the toxins out of the body. Wear extra clothing until the body temperature reaches 99°. Weigh yourself twice a week and motivate yourself to eat enough nutritious food to prevent weight loss.

Continue zapping all tissues in the digestive tract and anatomy kits without adding tissues. But complete the entire tissue and epithelium sets for organs in distress and tumor-related organs.

Digestive System Slide Kit

  1. Appendix

  2. Bile duct

  3. Colon

  4. Duodenum

  5. Esophagus lower

  6. Esophagus upper

  7. Esophagus-stomachjunction

  8. Gall bladder

  9. Ileum

  10. Jejunum

  11. Liver

  12. Pancreas

  13. Parotid gland

  14. Rectum

  15. Stomach, cardiac region

  16. Stomach, fundic region

  17. Stomach, pyloric region

  18. Sublingual gland

  19. Submandibular gland

  20. Submaxillary gland

Digestive Tact
UPDATE - MAY - 2002

When plate zapping the digestive tract she has added the following:

Stomach duodenum



Sigmoid (to plate zap the sigmoid put rectum on plate plus Pf (capacitor)


Purchase additional organ-slides for specific locations that are part of your problem. Include them in the zapping schedule using the same format.

In addition to the above schedule add frequencies that relate to your “side effects” that are caused by emerging pathogens. You may rotate the frequencies for Flu and three salmonella varieties continually (all thy): 390, 386 382, 370, 366, 361, 329, 320, 316. Expect some breakthrough Flu and salmonella symptoms as discussed earlier. Expect weepiness, dizziness, and fatigue. Zap at least eight hours a day, three zaps per hour, making twenty-four zaps per day. This speeds up your progress. You will need about 500 zaps to get your former health back. You must have a personal caregiver to help you accomplish this and to weather the breakthrough symptoms.

Clark, Hulda. Synchrometer Science Laboratory Manual. New Century Press, Chula Vista, CA. 2000. Pp. 128-138


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