Gallstones Attack Curing Program

If you are suffering from gallstones attack (pain caused by gallstones inside Gallbladder or inside bile ducts), neutralize it with strong foot massage, on the areas of gallbladder, liver, colon, small intestine and heart. 

Foot massage:
Take one or few marbles, put it on the ground, step on it as hard as you can support and role on it.
It will give you perfect foot massage and it will neutralize pain in less then 15 min. The longer you do it, the better.  One of the cofactors of gallstones formation are Shoes!.  We don't walk any more naturally, barefoot, and we don't get everyday natural foot massage (reflex therapy).  We also don't work any more with our hands, and we don't get natural palm massage. It is also smart to massage your feet after drinking olive oil (main flush - look down for more details), at 22:30.

Do also next: blend 1 tbsp of Magnesium Sulfate in one cup of clean water and drink it. You can also try to drink freshly pressed juice of one grapefruit blended with 1/4 cup of Extra Virgin olive oil. Magnesium Sulfate and Olive oil usually help more then Pain Killers, doctors, hospitals, ....

Full Gallstones Curing Program:

What is causing Gallstones ?
Gallstones Curing program

1. Diet
2. Bowel cleanse with Parasites cleanse
3. Dental cleanup
4. Kidney stones cleanse 
5. Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse - flush!

Liver Cleanse - Gallbladder Cleanse - Liver Flush

Some people do flush immediately without any change in diet, and without parasites cleanse. Other, take few months, prepare for the flush, and then do it. It is up to you, it is your body !   

Important !

Avoid all foods that you don't tolerate ! Read about Diet !

For people who have internal parasites, Bowel cleanse and Parasites cleanse are MUST before liver cleanse.

Parasites cleanse can take from 3 weeks to 3 months or even longer !

To improve liver function, and digestion, use Lemon and Olive Oil drink daily, especially if you are suffering from gallstones attacks!

Apply also Castor Oil Packs

Drink freshly pressed vegetable juices, and apple juices, before doing flush. Always freshly pressed.

Take 6 capsules of Lecithin daily, to improve liver function.

Before you start with this cleanse, it is also smart to use 1-8 tbs. of Flax seed oil for at least one month. 

When you start using Flax seed oil, start with 1 spoon in the morning, and then increase to up to 3-5 Tbs. a day. Do not take Flax seed oil in the evening, or you may have insomnia problems.

Make sure Flax seed oil is fresh. Use Vitamin E supplement together with oil, or eat a lot of green salad !

If you have some health problems, and you want to improve your health, is also smart that you adjust your Diet.   

Be aware that it may take 5 - 10 flushes altogether to cleanse all gallstones from your liver. (people have had more than 2000 stones.) It may take a year to cleanse all stones !

Already after first flush, your liver will function much better.

You do not have to do 5 flushes, if in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th flush you don't get any gallstone.

Already one year after that main cleanse, your liver may build up enough stones for the next flush.

Make at least one flush in every 6 months.


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