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The Most Popular Links Since November 27 2005

This page lists total number of clicks on the links listed as Donors and links included to CureZone Directory.
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Total Number of links listed: 500

# Donor URL Total Clicks Counted Time Elapsed since counting Average clicks per hour Average clicks per day Average clicks per week Average clicks per month Average clicks per year Time Elapsed since last Click,91115 year2.46 /h59.1 /d414 /w1,774 /m21,580 /y 34 min,99715 year2.32 /h55.7 /d390 /w1,671 /m20,332 /y 8 year
3Yesnetatlantic.com185,47016 year1.36 /h32.7 /d229 /w980 /m11,924 /y 8 year,87013 year1.52 /h36.4 /d255 /w1,091 /m13,278 /y 5 h
5Yesdrclarkia.com114,59415 year0.85 /h20.5 /d144 /w615 /m7,488 /y 8 year,19016 year0.65 /h15.7 /d110 /w471 /m5,734 /y 8 year,62815 year0.65 /h15.5 /d108 /w465 /m5,652 /y 11 days,25013 year0.68 /h16.2 /d113 /w486 /m5,916 /y 5 days,39516 year0.56 /h13.5 /d94 /w404 /m4,911 /y 24 days,81912 year0.69 /h16.5 /d115 /w495 /m6,017 /y 8 year
11YesTheRawFoodSite.com70,34714 year0.57 /h13.6 /d95 /w408 /m4,959 /y 8 year,79914 year0.56 /h13.4 /d94 /w403 /m4,902 /y 4 year
13Yeswaterionizer.org63,68415 year0.49 /h11.9 /d83 /w356 /m4,329 /y 56 days,07913 year0.52 /h12.6 /d88 /w377 /m4,591 /y 5 h,84315 year0.44 /h10.7 /d75 /w320 /m3,892 /y 8 year,18413 year0.51 /h12.2 /d86 /w367 /m4,466 /y 6 year,82815 year0.40 /h9.6 /d67 /w288 /m3,498 /y 8 year
18Yesmagneticclay.com48,09014 year0.39 /h9.3 /d65 /w278 /m3,386 /y 8 year,36413 year0.30 /h7.3 /d51 /w219 /m2,660 /y 8 year,49214 year0.29 /h6.9 /d48 /w206 /m2,503 /y 50 days,77113 year0.28 /h6.8 /d47 /w203 /m2,464 /y 5 days,99514 year0.24 /h5.9 /d41 /w176 /m2,135 /y 8 year,13515 year0.22 /h5.3 /d37 /w158 /m1,928 /y 8 year,07013 year0.22 /h5.3 /d37 /w158 /m1,922 /y 8 year,71712 year0.19 /h4.6 /d32 /w137 /m1,666 /y 8 year,34914 year0.16 /h3.9 /d27 /w116 /m1,413 /y 6 year,47113 year0.17 /h4.0 /d28 /w121 /m1,468 /y 6 year,87213 year0.16 /h3.8 /d26 /w113 /m1,379 /y 8 year,22613 year0.15 /h3.5 /d25 /w106 /m1,295 /y 11 days
30Yesblacksalveinfo.com15,75913 year0.14 /h3.3 /d23 /w100 /m1,214 /y 15 mon,64414 year0.11 /h2.7 /d19 /w82 /m997 /y 8 year,26313 year0.10 /h2.4 /d17 /w73 /m887 /y 63 days,05413 year0.10 /h2.4 /d16 /w71 /m859 /y 10 mon,49112 year0.09 /h2.1 /d15 /w63 /m763 /y 8 year,12113 year0.08 /h1.9 /d13 /w58 /m704 /y 8 year,56612 year0.08 /h1.9 /d13 /w57 /m689 /y 8 year,23612 year0.08 /h1.8 /d13 /w54 /m662 /y 8 year,06513 year0.07 /h1.8 /d12 /w53 /m642 /y 16 mon,77612 year0.07 /h1.7 /d12 /w51 /m625 /y 8 year,60212 year0.07 /h1.7 /d12 /w50 /m612 /y 8 year,54313 year0.07 /h1.6 /d12 /w49 /m600 /y 6 days,51212 year0.07 /h1.7 /d12 /w50 /m604 /y 8 year,48112 year0.07 /h1.6 /d12 /w49 /m602 /y 8 year,11513 year0.06 /h1.6 /d11 /w47 /m567 /y 8 year
45Yesimoplex.com7,06013 year0.06 /h1.5 /d10 /w45 /m546 /y 8 year,88412 year0.06 /h1.5 /d11 /w46 /m554 /y 8 year,82112 year0.06 /h1.5 /d11 /w45 /m549 /y 8 year,71812 year0.06 /h1.5 /d10 /w44 /m540 /y 8 year,65412 year0.06 /h1.5 /d10 /w44 /m535 /y 8 year,40212 year0.06 /h1.4 /d10 /w42 /m515 /y 8 year,31512 year0.06 /h1.4 /d10 /w42 /m508 /y 8 year,09912 year0.06 /h1.3 /d9 /w40 /m490 /y 8 year,09112 year0.06 /h1.3 /d9 /w40 /m490 /y 8 year,04412 year0.06 /h1.3 /d9 /w40 /m485 /y 56 days,02713 year0.05 /h1.3 /d9 /w39 /m480 /y 8 year,92612 year0.05 /h1.3 /d9 /w39 /m477 /y 8 year,90512 year0.05 /h1.3 /d9 /w39 /m475 /y 8 year,84512 year0.05 /h1.3 /d9 /w39 /m470 /y 8 year,81712 year0.05 /h1.3 /d9 /w38 /m468 /y 8 year,72212 year0.05 /h1.3 /d9 /w38 /m460 /y 6 days,71813 year0.05 /h1.2 /d9 /w37 /m455 /y 61 days,70113 year0.05 /h1.2 /d9 /w37 /m454 /y 8 year,60312 year0.05 /h1.2 /d9 /w37 /m451 /y 56 days,57312 year0.05 /h1.2 /d9 /w37 /m448 /y 8 year,56812 year0.05 /h1.2 /d9 /w37 /m447 /y 39 days,51112 year0.05 /h1.2 /d8 /w36 /m443 /y 8 year,43613 year0.05 /h1.2 /d8 /w35 /m420 /y 8 year,20513 year0.05 /h1.1 /d8 /w34 /m414 /y 8 year,18512 year0.05 /h1.1 /d8 /w34 /m417 /y 8 year,09013 year0.05 /h1.1 /d8 /w33 /m405 /y 104 days,05412 year0.05 /h1.1 /d8 /w33 /m407 /y 8 year,60612 year0.04 /h1.0 /d7 /w30 /m371 /y 8 year,60112 year0.04 /h1.0 /d7 /w30 /m370 /y 8 year,49813 year0.04 /h1.0 /d7 /w29 /m349 /y 8 year,44212 year0.04 /h1.0 /d7 /w29 /m357 /y 8 year,40412 year0.04 /h1.0 /d7 /w29 /m355 /y 50 days
77Yesenergywater.com4,20213 year0.04 /h0.9 /d6 /w27 /m330 /y 18 days,19613 year0.04 /h0.9 /d6 /w27 /m334 /y 5 mon,59213 year0.03 /h0.8 /d5 /w24 /m286 /y 50 days,57713 year0.03 /h0.8 /d5 /w23 /m281 /y 10 mon,54512 year0.03 /h0.8 /d5 /w23 /m285 /y 8 mon,42412 year0.03 /h0.8 /d5 /w23 /m276 /y 73 days,39212 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w22 /m273 /y 6 days,32012 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w22 /m267 /y 24 days
85Yeswellnesslecture.com3,30313 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w21 /m260 /y 8 year,29612 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w22 /m265 /y 63 days,29412 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w22 /m265 /y 11 days,28812 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w22 /m264 /y 6 days,27712 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w22 /m264 /y 44 days,24912 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w21 /m261 /y 88 days,20113 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w21 /m254 /y 4 mon,12612 year0.03 /h0.7 /d5 /w21 /m251 /y 50 days,96213 year0.03 /h0.6 /d5 /w19 /m236 /y 6 days,95312 year0.03 /h0.6 /d5 /w19 /m237 /y 6 days,92413 year0.03 /h0.6 /d4 /w19 /m227 /y 8 year,90012 year0.03 /h0.6 /d4 /w19 /m233 /y 11 days,89713 year0.03 /h0.6 /d4 /w19 /m231 /y 24 days,89212 year0.03 /h0.6 /d4 /w19 /m232 /y 4 mon,83612 year0.03 /h0.6 /d4 /w19 /m228 /y 40 days,74512 year0.03 /h0.6 /d4 /w18 /m221 /y 50 days,63613 year0.02 /h0.6 /d4 /w17 /m210 /y 6 days,54013 year0.02 /h0.5 /d4 /w16 /m196 /y 8 year,45713 year0.02 /h0.5 /d4 /w16 /m195 /y 8 year,44513 year0.02 /h0.5 /d4 /w16 /m195 /y 63 days,42213 year0.02 /h0.5 /d4 /w16 /m193 /y 104 days,40713 year0.02 /h0.5 /d4 /w16 /m191 /y 8 year,29613 year0.02 /h0.5 /d3 /w15 /m178 /y 8 year,28614 year0.02 /h0.5 /d3 /w14 /m164 /y 8 year,26213 year0.02 /h0.5 /d3 /w14 /m176 /y 8 year,24913 year0.02 /h0.5 /d3 /w15 /m179 /y 10 mon,21413 year0.02 /h0.5 /d3 /w14 /m176 /y 104 days,20013 year0.02 /h0.5 /d3 /w14 /m171 /y 8 year,16513 year0.02 /h0.5 /d3 /w14 /m168 /y 8 year,12813 year0.02 /h0.5 /d3 /w14 /m169 /y 10 mon,95713 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w12 /m151 /y 8 year,94816 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w10 /m125 /y 8 year
117Yesbio-mats.com1,91713 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w12 /m152 /y 11 days,90613 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w12 /m147 /y 8 year,84113 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w12 /m148 /y 36 days
120Yesewater.com1,82213 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w12 /m143 /y 8 year,81013 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w12 /m140 /y 8 year,79513 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w12 /m142 /y 9 mon,79413 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w12 /m144 /y 24 days,74613 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w11 /m135 /y 8 year,66513 year0.02 /h0.4 /d3 /w11 /m133 /y 8 year,63312 year0.01 /h0.4 /d3 /w11 /m131 /y 8 year,58813 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w10 /m123 /y 8 year,58813 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w10 /m123 /y 8 year,57913 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w10 /m126 /y 8 year,52813 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w10 /m122 /y 8 year,49513 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w10 /m120 /y 97 days,47912 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w10 /m119 /y 8 year,42513 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w9 /m114 /y 11 days,41313 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w9 /m113 /y 20 days,28213 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w8 /m103 /y 9 mon,23613 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w8 /m99 /y 11 mon,23313 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w8 /m98 /y 8 year,20513 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w8 /m96 /y 8 year,16313 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w8 /m92 /y 8 year,15913 year0.01 /h0.3 /d2 /w8 /m92 /y 8 year,13713 year0.01 /h0.2 /d2 /w7 /m90 /y 8 year,10713 year0.01 /h0.2 /d2 /w7 /m88 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.2 /d1 /w6 /m77 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.2 /d1 /w6 /m74 /y 5 year year0.01 /h0.2 /d1 /w6 /m70 /y 24 days year0.01 /h0.2 /d1 /w6 /m70 /y 24 days year0.01 /h0.2 /d1 /w6 /m69 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.1 /d1 /w4 /m50 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.2 /d1 /w5 /m57 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.2 /d1 /w5 /m58 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.1 /d1 /w4 /m54 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.1 /d1 /w4 /m49 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.1 /d1 /w4 /m52 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.1 /d1 /w4 /m49 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.1 /d1 /w4 /m48 /y 8 year year0.01 /h0.1 /d1 /w4 /m45 /y 4 year
157Yeschbaba.stemtechbiz.com55013 year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w4 /m43 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w3 /m40 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w3 /m35 /y 6 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w3 /m33 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w3 /m32 /y 4 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w3 /m32 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w3 /m31 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m30 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m30 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m30 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m29 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m29 /y 85 days year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m29 /y 37 days year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m28 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m28 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m27 /y 5 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m27 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m27 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m27 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m27 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m27 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m26 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d1 /w2 /m26 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m25 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m25 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m25 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m24 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m23 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m23 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m23 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m23 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m23 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m23 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m22 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m22 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m22 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m22 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m21 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m21 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m21 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m21 /y 8 year
198YesPoopDoc.com23813 year0.00 /h0.1 /d0 /w2 /m19 /y 8 year
199Yesbio-mats.com19313 year0.00 /h0.0 /d0 /w1 /m15 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.0 /d0 /w1 /m13 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.0 /d0 /w1 /m13 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.0 /d0 /w1 /m13 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.0 /d0 /w1 /m13 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.0 /d0 /w1 /m13 /y 8 year year0.00 /h0.0 /d0 /w1 /m12 /y 6 year year0.00 /h0.0 /d0 /w1 /m12 /y 4 year,0415 year8.65 /h207.5 /d1,453 /w6,226 /m75,753 /y 18 days,43512 year2.40 /h57.7 /d404 /w1,731 /m21,061 /y 96 days,89111 year2.43 /h58.4 /d409 /w1,753 /m21,325 /y 8 year,9655 year5.29 /h126.9 /d888 /w3,807 /m46,324 /y 76 h,1428 year2.50 /h59.9 /d420 /w1,798 /m21,880 /y 91 min,6474 year4.13 /h99.2 /d695 /w2,977 /m36,220 /y 25 min,7588 year2.33 /h55.9 /d391 /w1,677 /m20,398 /y 35 mon,57611 year1.57 /h37.8 /d264 /w1,133 /m13,786 /y 8 year,00111 year1.45 /h34.8 /d243 /w1,043 /m12,695 /y 8 year,39011 year1.41 /h33.8 /d237 /w1,014 /m12,333 /y 8 year
217sbherbalremedies.com120,5047 year1.94 /h46.5 /d326 /w1,396 /m16,987 /y 5 h,22111 year1.15 /h27.6 /d193 /w828 /m10,070 /y 8 year
219,0615 year2.77 /h66.5 /d466 /w1,996 /m24,282 /y 6 mon,5196 year2.11 /h50.5 /d354 /w1,516 /m18,445 /y 39 mon,10511 year1.07 /h25.6 /d179 /w768 /m9,345 /y 8 year
222theparasitecleanse.net98,5128 year1.50 /h35.9 /d251 /w1,077 /m13,101 /y 76 h,05812 year0.87 /h20.8 /d145 /w623 /m7,586 /y 8 year,84710 year1.11 /h26.5 /d186 /w796 /m9,687 /y 6 days,8128 year1.39 /h33.4 /d234 /w1,001 /m12,180 /y 35 mon,92811 year0.77 /h18.6 /d130 /w557 /m6,782 /y 8 year,9118 year1.17 /h28.0 /d196 /w841 /m10,232 /y 18 days
228utopiasilver.com76,87812 year0.74 /h17.8 /d125 /w535 /m6,505 /y 24 days,1748 year1.06 /h25.5 /d179 /w765 /m9,311 /y 6 year,70310 year0.83 /h19.8 /d139 /w595 /m7,240 /y 8 year,60410 year0.85 /h20.4 /d143 /w613 /m7,457 /y 8 year,48712 year0.66 /h15.8 /d110 /w474 /m5,762 /y 6 year,12112 year0.64 /h15.5 /d108 /w464 /m5,643 /y 8 year,8899 year0.83 /h19.8 /d139 /w595 /m7,239 /y 9 h,79810 year0.74 /h17.7 /d124 /w532 /m6,470 /y 8 year,3998 year0.94 /h22.5 /d157 /w674 /m8,195 /y 5 year,32914 year0.48 /h11.6 /d81 /w349 /m4,246 /y 8 year
238drnatura.com57,57916 year0.42 /h10.1 /d71 /w304 /m3,702 /y 8 year,92011 year0.57 /h13.7 /d96 /w412 /m5,018 /y 8 year,9018 year0.78 /h18.7 /d131 /w562 /m6,841 /y 6 year,35412 year0.54 /h13.0 /d91 /w390 /m4,740 /y 10 year,9129 year0.68 /h16.3 /d114 /w490 /m5,968 /y 7 year,4836 year1.00 /h24.0 /d168 /w719 /m8,743 /y 5 year,5378 year0.77 /h18.4 /d129 /w552 /m6,716 /y 23 mon,7827 year0.80 /h19.2 /d135 /w577 /m7,022 /y 4 year,66010 year0.54 /h13.0 /d91 /w390 /m4,751 /y 8 year,05411 year0.50 /h11.9 /d83 /w357 /m4,339 /y 6 year,94011 year0.48 /h11.6 /d81 /w348 /m4,240 /y 4 year,6216 year0.99 /h23.7 /d166 /w710 /m8,644 /y 5 year
250,0084 year1.24 /h29.9 /d209 /w896 /m10,901 /y 72 min,71616 year0.34 /h8.2 /d58 /w247 /m3,003 /y 8 year,36212 year0.43 /h10.2 /d72 /w307 /m3,739 /y 44 days,09211 year0.46 /h11.0 /d77 /w331 /m4,028 /y 8 year,6749 year0.56 /h13.5 /d94 /w405 /m4,927 /y 24 days,4907 year0.74 /h17.8 /d124 /w533 /m6,485 /y 97 days,0424 year1.22 /h29.2 /d204 /w875 /m10,647 /y 64 h,83510 year0.49 /h11.8 /d82 /w353 /m4,296 /y 8 year,6257 year0.68 /h16.4 /d115 /w493 /m5,998 /y 5 year
259ionizers.org42,18316 year0.31 /h7.4 /d52 /w223 /m2,712 /y 8 year
260SBHERBALREMEDIES.COM40,5357 year0.65 /h15.6 /d109 /w469 /m5,707 /y 121 min,94311 year0.40 /h9.6 /d68 /w289 /m3,522 /y 8 year,81610 year0.43 /h10.2 /d72 /w307 /m3,732 /y 24 days,6138 year0.59 /h14.1 /d99 /w424 /m5,155 /y 5 year,40011 year0.39 /h9.3 /d65 /w278 /m3,386 /y 8 year
265barefootherbalistmh.com38,26615 year0.29 /h6.9 /d48 /w206 /m2,508 /y 8 year
266mccombsplan.com37,14312 year0.34 /h8.2 /d57 /w246 /m2,996 /y 5 days,06011 year0.37 /h9.0 /d63 /w269 /m3,267 /y 8 year,8958 year0.56 /h13.4 /d94 /w402 /m4,895 /y 35 mon,99211 year0.38 /h9.2 /d65 /w277 /m3,365 /y 6 year
270DrClarkStore.com35,52414 year0.28 /h6.8 /d47 /w203 /m2,467 /y 8 year,3737 year0.58 /h13.9 /d97 /w416 /m5,062 /y 5 year,8819 year0.44 /h10.5 /d73 /w314 /m3,821 /y 7 year,51012 year0.33 /h7.8 /d55 /w235 /m2,855 /y 8 year
274serovera.com33,45215 year0.26 /h6.2 /d43 /w185 /m2,250 /y 8 year,08712 year0.32 /h7.7 /d54 /w230 /m2,797 /y 6 year
276detoxsmart.com32,82615 year0.25 /h6.0 /d42 /w179 /m2,176 /y 8 year,4828 year0.50 /h11.9 /d83 /w357 /m4,349 /y 7 year,4316 year0.60 /h14.4 /d101 /w432 /m5,253 /y 6 year,19112 year0.31 /h7.3 /d51 /w220 /m2,673 /y 6 year,61212 year0.28 /h6.8 /d47 /w203 /m2,468 /y 4 year
281,1087 year0.47 /h11.3 /d79 /w340 /m4,134 /y 6 year,95412 year0.29 /h7.1 /d49 /w212 /m2,581 /y 8 mon,3515 year0.63 /h15.0 /d105 /w451 /m5,483 /y 23 mon
284detoxologie.com29,17515 year0.23 /h5.4 /d38 /w163 /m1,983 /y 8 year,0616 year0.54 /h12.9 /d90 /w386 /m4,692 /y 5 days,48710 year0.32 /h7.6 /d53 /w227 /m2,766 /y 92 days,8898 year0.38 /h9.1 /d64 /w274 /m3,332 /y 8 year,8318 year0.42 /h10.1 /d71 /w303 /m3,692 /y 35 mon,67311 year0.28 /h6.7 /d47 /w201 /m2,440 /y 8 year
290kukorganics.com26,69510 year0.31 /h7.4 /d51 /w221 /m2,684 /y 8 year,1559 year0.34 /h8.1 /d57 /w242 /m2,950 /y 7 year,1337 year0.44 /h10.5 /d73 /w315 /m3,831 /y 5 year,89510 year0.30 /h7.3 /d51 /w219 /m2,659 /y 4 year
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