Subject: AIDS


After 10 years of clinical experience with 165 AIDS patients, H.E. Sartori,
M.D., and H. Hugh Fudenberg, M.D., conclude that treatment with ozone and a
multimodal program can produce a 95% success rate in terms of normalizing
laboratory test results and the physical and mental well-being of patients.

They call their AIDS treatment approach Life Science Universal (LSU) and it
includes a 12-day ozone program (30-35 mg daily of ozone per 154 pounds of
body weight, delivered intravenously), supplementation with vitamins,
minerals, and herbs, psychological counseling, “reconditioning” (which
involves a 12-step goal-setting program), internal energy exercises, and a
mostly vegetarian diet with no dairy products. In an addition, they use 8
adjunctive therapies, such as homeopathy, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, coffee
enemas, heat therapy, thymus extracts, and feedback control electrical
stimulation (including ear acupuncture using electric currents), when

Of 119 patients for whom post-treatment laboratory results were available,
53 (45%) had their T4 immune cells return to normal; other key blood factors
also became normal again. For another 46 patients (39%), their T-cell count
increased by at least 200. Of 91 patients graded HIV-positive, 75% saw their
conditions change to HIV-negative after completing the program. Most of the
patients receiving this treatment “showed a significant improvement of their
general well-being and of most of their clinical symptoms,” state Drs.
Sartori and Fudenberg.

SOURCE: “AIDS 1982-1992. Hope and Challenge of 10 Years of LSU AIDS Therapy
with Ozone and a Multimodal Treatment Program,” Townsend Letter for Doctors,
August/September 1995, pp. 52-61. For subscriptions: 911 Tyler Street, Port
Townsend, WA 98368; tel: 360-385-6021; fax: 360-385-0699; 10 issues/$49.