Allergies, Eczema, Digestion

From: "Knabenbauer, Sandi" 
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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 14:00:37 -0500
Subject: [ER4YT-A] Re: New and curious

From: "Knabenbauer, Sandi" 

Listening to all the various "problems" people are having with a diet so
specific to our blood types, I'm beginning to wonder if there aren't
variations in our blood that science has yet to discover.

Tomatoes - I love them but they give me gas. I avoided them for a few weeks
then ate pizza one evening. The tomatoes were the only avoid food on the
That night I was intolerable!

Sweet 'n Low - I use it but too much upsets my stomach. Usually one or two
packets, if any, are all I might use in a day. I have ordered some Stevia
and am eager to try it.

Peanuts - To even my own amazement they act as a laxative for me. People
think I'm crazy but I know they are "highly beneficial" to my system.

Allergies - I had eczema as a child. The tests basically labeled all the
"avoid foods" as those items I should avoid (oranges, wheat, milk, etc.)
ER4YT was a revelation to me explaining "why" I was so allergic. At age 7 I
went through extensive desensitization vaccinations but as an adult the
allergies started to return.

Understanding the blood type issues has freed me to make decisions wisely.

I believe that a "healthy diet" will not cause digestion problems or
illness. If the food is in the wrong category for your system, change it -
or at least find out why!

Peter D'Adamo's research is definitely on the right track and I'm very
curious to see how new scientific
discoveries reinforce and/or modify the concepts in this book.

Sandi K-

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