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September 24,1993

Harvard Medical School took 29 volunteers who were scheduled for joint replacement surgery in VA Hospital and gave them a tablespoon of chicken cartilage in their orange juice for 90 days.  They did this in order to dispel a "rumor" that

Collagen and Glucosamine Sulphate (animal cartilage)

were being used by some doctors to treat and cure arthritis on humans (it has been used for 100 years on race horses with bad knees).  The results were not what they expected.

Within 10 days, there was a marked decrease in the swelling of the patient's joints.  Within 60 days, most of the patients could open up a new pickle jar.  Within 90 days, 28 out of the 29 were "clinically cured".

So Why Isn't this plastered across every newspaper in America?

The answer is, of course, money$$.  If those suffering from arthritis no longer needed joint replacement surgery (which usually doesn't work anyway) or  a drug maintenance program to relieve pain but could find relief for a fraction of the cost with no side effects, this would wipe out a rather large profit margin of both doctor and pharmaceutical industry.



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