A woman named Elizabeth, aged 40, had suffered with
multiple sclerosis (MS) for 19 years, reports Effie Poy Yew Chow, Ph.D.,
R.N., a certified acupuncturist practicing at East West Academy of Healing
Arts in San Francisco, California. Elizabeth was legally blind, had no
sensation or movement in her legs and only little in her arms, and had no
muscle tone at all. She was restricted to a wheelchair and couldn't turn
herself in bed or feed herself; her speech was slurred and stuttering and
she was deeply depressed.

Dr. Chow treated her one hour a day for 2 days a
month for 6 months using Qigong, acupuncture, acupressure, physical
exercise, herbs, and visualization. After the first day's treatment,
Elizabeth was able to turn over in bed 6 times by herself and in later weeks
she was able to turn herself 100 times as an exercise.

Her arm tremors decreased substantially as did her muscle spasms; she gained
sensation in her legs, became able to feed herself and to speak more clearly
without stuttering; and she felt positive and happy.

Four years after treatment began, Elizabeth continues to progress without
setback, says Dr. Chow.

SOURCE: Patient records of Dr. Chow, East West Academy of Healing Arts, 450
Sutter Street, Suite 2104, San Francisco, CA 94108; tel: 415-788-2227.

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