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1  Have you ever had any thyroidal illness? If yes, please select all that apply.
1 YES 140 of 197 71%
1091  I have Hasimotos, and on occasion I've been overmedicated, sometimes for a lengthy period of time, causing hyperthyroidism.    16 year ago  
1093  I have never bben diagnosed with it but I knew from many classic sympthoms that I had it.    16 year ago  
1096  I have a very large goiter; a thyroid specialist told me he sees one as large as mine once every 6 months. My grandmother also had a very large goiter. My sister also had thyroid disease. I developed chronic disease syndrome in 1981, before it had a name, and was at least once tested for autoimmune thyroiditis, which is linked to CFIDS. My T3 and T4 are always within normal bounds. I didn't respond well to the T3 medication, so I've never really been treated for thyroid disease, except for that attempt. But I have many symptoms of hypothyroid.    16 year ago  
1137  Lived with undiagnosed hyperthyroid for 10 years before diagnosed. Refused radiation to kill thyroid and take Synthroid the rest of life. Changed diet some and saw relief (eliminating coffee, cigarettes, and any alcohol helped to reduce goiter pressure). But diet was not good enough. Thyroid was diagnosed as hypo- years later and eu- even later. Since 1980 when the thyroid started bothering me (just so happens I had my first root canal and other dental work done that year) till now, I have not taken any medication. My symptoms seem to be mostly hyper but a few are hypo symptoms. I heard that can happen after going many years without treatment or a cure.    16 year ago  
1154  Thyroid issues caused by taking anti-depressants    15 year ago  
1157  I and my two sisters have hypothyroidism, diagnosed at ages (about) 40, 42 and 52. In my case, doctors used US scan and said I had a congenitally small thryoid.    16 year ago  
1164  I suggest anyone who is a Blood Type O, which I am, be aware of your thyroid. Type O's have a natural slow metabolism, have a propensity towards thyroid problems. When I was young, early 20's I was told I need to take some thyroid. I did until my prescription ran out...not knowing any better. I stopped taking it for probably 40 years, during which time, due to different circumstances, gained weight, slowly, but surely my health started declining.

About 3 or 4 years ago, I went to a new doctor, and he checked my thyroid along with many other tests. He said my thyroid was flat. He said he couldn't understand why another doctor throughout the years hadn't put me on, and kept me on thyroid. I talked to my acunpuncturist also, and he said I MUST be on thyroid, as I could have a heart attack without it. I presently take Armour thyroid, and I on occasion will take added KELP. I suppose I could probably just take kelp, but mine is bad and am afraid to after what my acupuncturist said. My doctor wants me to take synthetic thyroid (whatever that means? I believe it means altering kelp or other thyroid substances)because he says I need it, I suppose its stronger. I talked to a chiropractor and she says she takes KELP to manage her thyroid and she has loads of energy. If I had only known years ago.

   16 year ago
1185  I had a benign follicular adenoma removed from my thyroid about 12 years ago. I am now considered hypothyroid and take Synthroid daily.    16 year ago  
1190  I understand that lithium created my hypothyroid condition. My TSH was above 17.wjen first diagnosed. That was over 20 years ago. I have since had a parathyroid tumor that has been removed.    16 year ago  
1650  I honestly don't know any more than having a goiter. While other test results were well within "normal" ranges, still haven't had Free Ts tested yet.    15 year ago  
1697  Several years ago after years of being tired all the time I discovered that my thyroid isn't working properly and since then I take medication for it.    15 year ago  
2435  low T3 and T4, high thyroid antibodies, fatigue, skin problems, depression, gain weight easily, poor digestion    15 year ago  
2437  I was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell Carcinoma in December of 2006.    15 year ago  
2535  Became hypo after treatment for being hyper    15 year ago  
2623  I was in full blown, late stages of a thyroid storm when my Grave's disease was diagnosed. I had muscle weakness, my adrenal glands would not operate and I became almost paralyzed under duress (a barn fire, a falling log, a stampeding horse). I had heart palpitations and rapid heartbeat so long that my heart was bruised and painful as it beat against my ribcage. I had exopthalmia so bad that people would be angry with me and curse me for 'staring' at them. The doctor I had been going to said my symptoms were from menopause (I stopped menstruating and lost wads of hair), hysteria (I gained weight around my middle without changing my diet), mental problems (hypochondriasis) and the flu.
I finally walked into a weekend clinic clinging to the walls for support and forcing my lungs to pull in air and was seen by an old country doctor that diagnosed me immediately. He asked how long I'd had the butterfly goiter on my neck. It was huge and very plainly visable. I was put on medication, but the medicine was starting to cause pernicious anemia and other organ dysfunctions so I had a series of radioactive thyroid at the University of Utah.
I wieghed 118 pounds all of my 39 years. After I contracted Graves, my weight eventually bloomed to 241 pounds which is next to impossible to lose and keep off.
I was put on Synthroid and felt no energy and very little reserves on it. After reading about thyroid illnesses, the issues with manufacturing and dosage mishaps of Synthroid, I demanded to be put on plain, old fashioned Armour Thyroid complete. I take 180 mg 2 X day during the week and 120 mg 2 X day on the weekends which ended the palpitations and occaisional flutters I have.
I have mitral valve heart damage from going so long into the Thyroid Storm, have since contracted fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, metabolic collapse, symptoms of Cushings Syndrome, and motor tremors. My face is swollen, especially around my eyes and I've developed thyroid related skin issues on my face, head and legs. I also have issues with vision due to the exopthalmia and recently had a torn retina repaired with laser surgery.
I am now on a regimen of supplements Mary Ann Uranowski, DC tested me for and they are helping to reverse the metabolic breakdown. I am down to 218 pounds with her help and am losing more, getting more nutrition from my food and am almost ready to begin to exercise again - I lifted weights, sky dived, handled horses daily, swam as a life guard, ran, belly danced and taught dance, and was the picture of fitness and health until I contracted Graves.
My gall bladder was removed two years ago because I didn't recognize the symptoms in time to do a liver cleanse. One month ago, a cat scan showed an enlarged appendix. I was put on Cipro and Flagyl. Neither worked to stop the pain, fever, or the enlargement. Dr. Uranowski started me on supplements that have allowed me to fight off the infection,the fevers have subsided and my appendix is returning to normal size.    15 year ago
2628  In 1996-7 I felt tired and asked my HMO Dr if I could be anemic. Testing found lowerd Thyroid harmon which the Dr said could be because I was taking Premerin for Harmon Replacement Therapy after menopause which I was told would help prevent oseoporosis. Something in Premerin bonded with the Tyroid harmone or harmones (?) and carried them out of the blood. I believe I started at 50 mgs and am now up to 175mg a day. Stopped the Premerin in 98. Only medication is Throxin. Weight gain is a big problem, but have stopped that and at an unhealthy 208-210 for the last month. Just weighed at 212. 1st Gin and Tonic in a year last night, Don't drink much 1 beer x 3 months, 1 wine x 4 months. High cholesteral also a problem, which I try to control w/diet (oatmeal, orangejuice/lecethin, lowfat buttermilk) multivitamin daily and drink lots of redbush tea, and other herbals. Last Master Cleanses only lost a 2-3 pounds in 10 days.    15 year ago  
3154  I discovered I had an issue with my thyroid when I gave up all animal products (including dairy and egs) and replaced it all with too many soy products. I experienced swelling in my throat that was an enlarged thyroid. I also started getting chronic hives for the first time in 20 years. After a lot of research I had my hormone levels tested, discovered the results were abnormal, and saw an endocrinologist. I am finishing my second month of Synthroid - a relatively low dose, but my hives and the swelling have gone.    14 year ago  
3189  I was "stricken" with Hashimoto's 10 years ago. My levels have never balanced out on the scripts I have tried and or taken over the years. More research needs to be done, it is not being properly treated and the disease is sadly trivialized. I am now looking for natural ways to improve my health, loose weight, and feel better. I have finally learned that the Doctors' office is not going to be the way out of this.    14 year ago  
3202  i had thyroid disease at 10 years old-- was removed at 13-- most of it. they removed the size of an orange-- i have also had hyperthyroidism- i am on 375mcg daily- and am doing well-- although i just got diagnosed with celiacs disease-- endoscopy and bloodwork don't know if there is any relation    14 year ago  
3319  Diagnosed in 1987 initially with Graves level 7x normal. Later diagnosed with H. Thyroiditis. Treated with synthroid 100mcg/day.    14 year ago  
3326  under active thyroid discovered after pregnancy of second child, yet it must have been under active for many years because as a teenager I can remember always being cold and being told off for standing too close to an electric fan heater, one of the upright ones, with my skirt drapped over it so to trap the warm air, oh was it lovely. Have been on thyroxine now for 25 years now and only six months ago was it upgraded to 1mgm, and feel a little better, but still feel the cold, cant shift the 6 stone in weight that I have gained, wanted to change an insurance policy 3mths ago, and the firm said I needed a medical, so off I went, had the medical, got refused for 3mths due to weight gain, only then did my doctor offer to help me get the weight down by giving me tablets to make me feel full halfway through a meal, lost 10lbs in one month, but dont eat that much anyway, didnt like how they were treating my system, low levels of sugar causing me to feel faint, so came off them, now going to try the lemonade cleanse to see if this will help.    14 year ago  
3378  i have a cough that won't go away can it be related to thyroids    14 year ago  
3595  I had hyperthyroidisim as a 10 year old child. Told back then that I was cured, stopped medication. Was never checked for it again until 57 years old and now told that I have hypothyroidism. I am currently taking levothyroxine.    14 year ago  
3611  September 2008: Hypothyroidism runs in my family. My father's mother had it and was not treated. She had a goiter. She was put into an assisted living facility because she developed dementia. She died within one year of being placed in the facility due to being overmedicated to control her inability to sleep.

My mother's mother and one of her daughters (my aunt) both died of heart disease. They were over weight and had many symptoms of hypothyroidism. Both my mother and my sister as well as myself were first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, then diagnosed with Wilson's, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in 2004 following blood work. Since I have no contact with them, I do not know what treatment options they are using.

Both my mother and my sister suffer from a borderline personality disorder, e.g. hypersensitive to criticism and inability to understand social queues, mania.

I have always had very high cholesterol (hovering between 265 - 320) and C-reactive Protein Values. All of my doctors wanted to give me something to lower my cholesterol rather than attack the source of the problem, e.g., my underactive thyroid.

I was UNDER treated for four years (25 mcg. generic T4 - Thyroxine, 50 mgs. Iodoral and 27.5 mg of LA T3 - Levothyroxine) and developed a goiter and a cyst as a result of this under treatment. Numbers were in the "normal" range, but, my body was unable to use T3 (and I felt like crap most of the time).

In March 2008 I began self treating with Lugol's Iodine (I am taking up to one half a dropperful 2X daily) rather than use the Iodoral. I have begun supplementing with selenium (per curezone) to ensure that I am flushing out any toxins that might have accumulated in my thyroid that may be preventing my thyroid from uptaking the T3 and actually using it. Given the fact that my cholesterol was 326, I began supplementing with 1200 mgs of Red Yeast Rice 2X a day and brought my numbers down to 246 when it was checked agin in July. Increased my Red Yeast Rice to 1800 mgs 2X a day to see if I can bring the numbers down further. It also seems to act as an anti-inflammatory. Muscle pain is much less. Haven't had C-reactive Protein values checked to see if that number has been reduced as well.

In April following an untrasound of my thyriod and discovering the size and condition of my thyriod, I fired my doctor, (who is mentioned on the Wilson's website as an expert), made an appointment with a Endocrynologist, (first OV was in July) who immediately took me off of the T3 and bumped up my brand name T4(Synthroid) to 50 mcgs.

Currently awaiting results of bloodwork to see if my numbers have changed.    14 year ago
3769  Just to comment that I caught my disease early because I was away of controversy surrounding the reference range of TSH that labs use...i was very high normal according to the lab, but a discussion with physician ended up with a referal to an endocrinologist.
How many go with undiagnosed thyroid disease because it had been "ruled out"    14 year ago
3908  they keep trying to poison me with thyroxine and synthroid!    13 year ago  
4060  I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I have been led to believe this has an affect on the appendix and I have just suffered a ruptured appendix requiring surgery. Is there a connection?    13 year ago  
4372  Thyroid tests all come back "normal" but morning basal temp is 95F - took Armour (slowly increased over years) up to 13 grains, never reached optimal dose, never went hyper    13 year ago  
4413  I have 90% of my gland that was removed when I was 9. I am now 53.    13 year ago  
4570  Had the worst case of Graves Disease that my doctor ever saw. He wanted to radiate immediately. I would not. Ended up hooking up with a biochemist/physiologist who pumped me up on all kinds of diet and supplements now I am graves free!    12 year ago  
4611  I have never been diagnosed with any thyroid problem, but I have all but 2 of the htpothyroid symptoms & 3 0f the hyperthyroidism symptoms.My hanhs are turned in such a way that indicates the possibility of thyroid problems. My appendix was removed when I was 14. the periods are irrelivant, all but one overy was removed when I was 34.    12 year ago  
4779  I have a 3.5cm cold nodule and graves disease causing hyperthyroidism.    12 year ago  
4922  this was discovered 1 year or so after giving birth to my second child,doc put it down to pregnancy hormone imbalance ???    12 year ago  
4978  I am 54 yrs old white male. i had my appendix removed when I
was 22 yrs old.    12 year ago
5177  Hyperthyroidism + Nodules + Plummer's adenoma    11 year ago  
5247  I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and graves at age 25. Didn't know any better at the time and did the I131 therapy with radiated iodine. My thyroid was destroyed, I became hypothyroid and have been taking synthyroid, leveoxolthyoid or Armour thyroid every since, I am now 42    11 year ago  
5268  I have thyroid nodules which are hyperthyroid.    11 year ago  
5294  Hospital test showed I was very close to the clinical classification of hypothyroid. My doctor, an MD with less mainstream views than some, stated that he considered me to be hypothyroid, given this "borderline" result, and my symptoms.

Symptoms include a very low basal temp., considered hypothyroid by the Barnes model, and many other symptoms, such as lethargy, weight gain, brain fog, dry skin, eyebrows which have become shortened, as well as brittle hair and fewer eyelashes than previously.    11 year ago
5547  Am I answering correctly? Both my parents have hypothyroidism but I've just been diagnosed with parathyroidism    10 year ago  
5864  I had a partial thyroid removal due to a large growth that was noncancerous. I used to be hyper and now I fill hypo and wonder about my tsh levels.    9 year ago  
6077  Diagnosed 2006    8 year ago  
6513  Diagnosed when I was 14, took 20mg tapazole or carbimazole daily until I was 28.    5 year ago  

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