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Thyroid Appendix Survey Results
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1  Have you ever had any thyroidal illness? If yes, please select all that apply.
1 NO 38 of 197 19%
1158  Not diagnosed per se but many of the hypothyroidism symptoms apply to me. Therefore, I'm interested in this survey.    16 year ago  
1235  Not that I know of. The doctor said my thyroid looked fine when I dropped my mead back to expose my neck, and said my palms were pink, so it was fine. Course at 5'1" and 220 lbs...somehow I don't believe them.    15 year ago  
2546  Have 2 daughters that have both had their thyrods removed but I have never been dioanosed with thyrod problems. Also raised 2 step daughters ( all 4 same diet) that have no problems with their thyrods.    15 year ago  
4611  I have never been diagnosed with any thyroid problem, but I have all but 2 of the htpothyroid symptoms & 3 0f the hyperthyroidism symptoms.My hanhs are turned in such a way that indicates the possibility of thyroid problems. My appendix was removed when I was 14. the periods are irrelivant, all but one overy was removed when I was 34.    12 year ago  
6192  Tests have always been negative including Free T3, but never had rev T3. However two friends who are on thyroid meds suggested that I seem to have the symptoms of low thyroid.

I don't know where I'd be with out Thyroid Helper and extra selenium. I also take extra tyrosine.

I have mild-moderate catecholamine depression and inattentive ADD symptoms.

I am usually as cold as an old woman.

I don't have very obvious loss of eyebrows in the outer third however I have rather bushy eyebrows and have lost much of the density in the outer third.

I have several hair tests with cadmium and or lead in the yellow and or red and plenty of symptoms consistent with this including former bone density problem and low eGFR before finishing a couple of years of heavy metal detox--Cutler protocol.

   8 year ago

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